Top Improvements to Make to Your Rented Home

top improvements

When you are renting a home, you might believe that you are unable to make substantial changes to it or that you must settle for a less than welcoming abode for the duration of your tenancy. Then, here are some of the top improvements that you could consider making to your rental property to turn a house into a home.

1. Clean Your Home 

One of the first steps that you should take when you want to adapt your rental property into the house of your dreams is to clean it. Even if the landlord had gone to great efforts to spruce the place up before you moved in, there are still likely to be minor details and spots of dirt and grime that they missed while cleaning. Not only this, but if you are planning to move out of the rental property soon, you should also try to make improvements to your rental home to get back your deposit by hiring a professional cleaning London company, which can ensure that you can leave the property as it was when you moved in.

2. Bring in Plants 

One of the quickest ways in which you can brighten up your rental property and make it feel more like a home is to bring in plants. Plants can help to improve your mood and allow you to create a space that feels at one with nature. Many indoor plants are incredibly hardy and can thrive no matter where they are placed within your home, such as cactuses and succulents, as well as spider plants. By bringing these into your home, you will be able to share your place with a living organism that can freshen up your space and even purify the air.

3. Add Soft Furnishings 

Although you might struggle to fit in too much furniture in your rented space, you can make it look cozier and more comfortable by throwing a lot of soft furnishings around your rooms. These soft furnishings can then allow you to feel relaxed in your rented property, and you might even decide to fill it with treasured blankets and throws that remind you of your childhood home. It would be best if you also considered investing in new rugs and cushions for the space. These are often both comfortable and stylish, in addition to buying vibrant and colorful bedding, which can make your bedroom the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep. 

4. Invest in New Furniture 

However, if you have opted for an unfurnished rental property, then you might be thinking about replacing the furniture that you have lugged between rental properties over the years. Even if you believe that you cannot afford lots of new furniture like sofas and tables, you might be able to find new-to-you options by checking out local vintage and second-hand stores. The great thing about improving your property with furniture is that this can be removed when you move out of your home without any lasting impact. 

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