Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

interior design trends

Home décor has changed since the pandemic. In 2021, there was a focus on style and practicality due to the fact we were all spending so much time inside. In 2022, many of these trends are still popular, but there is a shift to a more natural design with earthy tones, a desire for sustainability, and handmade, authentic furniture. 

Here are the top four interior design trends for 2022

1. Earth tones 

There is something deeply comforting about the earthy hues and tones of green, deep rust, blues, and purples. They can transform a room into a warm, calming environment that makes you feel, in some way, connected to the beauty of nature. These earthy undertones can be even more exaggerated by a white color theme in the room. White walls with rusty cushions and green plants give the ultimate zen vibes. There’s been increased research showing a strong connection between our homes and our overall mood and well-being. 

2. Nature and sustainability 

With more people being outspoken about climate change and healing planet earth than ever, it’s no surprise this trend is on the rise. Add a pandemic with two years of lockdowns, and it’s a no-brainer. From 2020 to 2021, people spent more time indoors than ever before. The result was a newfound appreciation and connection with nature. 

Stoneware, wood, marble, and even crystals are incorporated into everything – from beds and bathtubs to décor. Nature is incredibly healing, so adding the organic earthiness of nature to the home provides a sense of visual and atmospheric healing. 

3. Handmade furniture 

There are many reasons why people love handmade furniture, including the sense of romanticism, uniqueness, and effort that goes into making it. The imperfections and naturalness of handcrafted furniture are what makes it so enchanting, and with earth trends on the rise, it’s never been a better time to invest. 

Whether you decide to go for an elegant oak dining table or a hand-woven rug, you know that someone has spent a long time carefully crafting this object for you to make your home even more beautiful. 

Additionally, you can have many handmade pieces of furniture customized to fit your home perfectly, which adds a whole new level of uniqueness and convenience. The furniture is made to last, adding a sentimental element where furniture can be handed down to the next generation. 

4. High-tech in the home 

On the other side of these trends is the rise of technology in the home. Owning a vacuum cleaner or TV is the standard now, and to an extent, so is owning advanced technology like an Alexa. But there has also been a rise in high-end technology such as a Dyson Humidifier or even thermostats designed by Google. 

They might look fancy, but many of these gadgets change people’s lives drastically with quick fixes to everyday problems. People now have smart homes and smartphones, but with such a significant amount of time spent indoors due to lockdowns, people became even more aware of the ways their lives could be improved – practically and in terms of personal well-being. 

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