Top Tips for Using Scented Wax Melts

scented wax melts

Over the recent years, a good number of retail stores have been stocking wax melts. As an alternative to candles, wax melts can bring great ambiance and a good scent into your home. However, not everyone is conversant with wax scents. In particular, most customers don’t know how to use wax melts. In this guide, you will learn about wax melts and how they are used.

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Find Wax Warmer

Get yourself a wax warmer. There are numerous types of wax warmers available on today’s market. But it’s always imperative to make sure that the wax warmer you’re considering is specifically designed for your wax melts. Using the wrong burner can be extremely dangerous. Plus, it can swiftly burn out your scent.

Follow The Instructions

Go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Try to understand how the wax melts or tarts work. Some wax warmers utilize light bulbs while others are outfitted with ceramic heaters.

If you purchase an electric warmer that utilizes a light bulb, be sure to remove the plastic cover before you start melting. Carefully wipe down the wax warmer and if necessary, place a liner on top of it. If your warmer features a silicone dish, then don’t bother putting in an additional wax liner.

Turning The Warmer On

Find a safe location. Then, plug in your wax warmer. Make sure that the cord isn’t hanging or in close contact with hot surfaces. Press the ‘on’ button to activate your warmer. If your device doesn’t have a timer, then be sure to set an additional alarm to monitor how much wax you’re utilizing.

Turning It Off

Once you’re done, go ahead and turn off your wax warmer. And this is particularly if your device doesn’t have a built-in timer. Don’t pull the cord to disconnect. Simply grip the plug from its base and pull it out. Wait for the wax to solidify before removing it from the warmer.

Get Rid of Your Wax

Depending on your needs, you can either scrape the wax from your melting dish or discard the liner. Gently push your melting dish from behind to remove the wax. Use a paper towel to clean your wax warmer.  

You may also want to consider applying some baby oil to it. Once you’re done cleaning, wipe down with a soft sponge or cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as they might cause wear and tear.

Reuse Scented Wax Cubes

Remember, melted wax doesn’t evaporate. The only change that occurs when the wax is melted is that its scent dissipates. So before adding a new cube, be sure to get rid of all used wax. You can reuse the wax cubes as many times as want.

The Bottom-Line

Designed to offer an alternative to candles, scented wax melts will uplift your home. In particular, they will elevate the ambiance in your spaces. Thus, if you want to make your home cozy, purchase scented wax melts. The above guide contains everything about scented wax melts. Good luck!

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