Key Ways To Transform Your Boring Backyard Into Something Amazing On A Budget

Boring Backyard

While you may be dreaming about an inground pool (with a waterfall of course!) or the ultimate backyard barbeque station, finances are generally something that have to be considered first.

Luckily, we live in a world where DIY projects are plentiful and can actually include a few fun weekends getting your hands dirty.

If you find your backyard dull and boring and do not have limitless funds, try one (or a few!) of these easy and affordable ways to transform your space into something amazing.

Impress guests with an easy and cheap DIY fire pit

Any home improvement store will have pavers (similar to bricks but come in different shapes) that are super affordable (around $1-2 each) and easy to work with.

Assemble large ones in a circle and use some smaller square ones (less than $1 each) to create a base.

Then, simply fill in the floor area with some paver sand so that all cracks are filled — and voila, you made a fire pit!

Now just send out the invites and buy all of the ingredients for s’mores.

Try an upcycled pallet project

Super cheap pallets can be found practically anywhere — at home improvements stores, grocery stores, online on sites like Craigslist, and even laying on the side of the road!

Not only are pallets easy to source and not only are you preventing them from ending up in a landfill, but you can also transform them into something amazing for your backyard.

From an easy to establish and maintain vertical garden, to a greenhouse using the re-constructed pallet boards — the options for a cheap and easy backyard project are endless.

How about a patio?

Patios are easier to construct than they look, are perfect for entertaining, and you will not need a second mortgage in order to purchase the supplies.

Similar to the fire pit, pavers for a patio can be purchased for relatively cheap. In addition to those, you just need landscape fabric, pavers sand, and a shovel to remove the existing sod.

Pro tip — if you can find it, scrap concrete may be available (for free!) off of Craigslist or from building sites.

Feel proud anytime you sit in your selfbuilt outdoor couch

With just a couple of cinder blocks (you will need at least eight) and some 4×4 lumber you can have a comfy outdoor seating bench in no time!

The average cost of a cinder block is a measly $1-3 and the lumber is equally as cheap.

With your ultra affordable frame, you can splurge when it comes to finding some comfy outdoor cushions to make your backyard couch your new favorite place to relax.

Use chairs and a bucket table for your new entertainment area

Lawn chairs range in price and quality and it is not all that unreasonable to plan on spending under $50 for some lawn chairs.

Then you would just need a large bucket or a galvanized tub along with a large circle piece of lumber.

Your new circle table is not only ideal for holding drinks or snacks, but can also store things like candles and pillows — keeping them nice and dry during rain.

Get crafty with homemade stepping stones

Looking for a fun artsy activity to do with kids or friends?

Making stepping stones is not only fun — but it is also easy and extremely inexpensive.

Gather some large leaves (big enough to comfortably step on), then prepare concrete following the directions on the bag.

You will want to be doing all of this on a tarp or plastic bag to avoid mess.

The rest is simple — shape the concrete to the leaf, let it dry, then peel the leaf off to reveal your homemade stepping stone!

Reuse old wine bottles

Not only is wine amazing, but the actual bottles have some pretty awesome uses too.

The empty bottles can be used as planters and bird feeders, or even filled with torch fuel and a wick for a beautiful lantern.

They can also be arranged by color as a decorative and economical edge for your garden bed.

Whether you simply cannot stand the monotony of your backyard, are looking for a fun weekend activity, or just need a new space for entertaining —  there are endless options for upgrading your backyard.

For as much as you would spend on a dinner for two, you transform your backyard into something amazing — and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Mark Richmon

With over 20 years in the garden maintenance industry, Mark is passionate about maximising the appeal of your home and garden through education on horticultural best practices reliable gardening services offered by Jims Mowing Geelong.

As a leading professional in lawn care he knows what it takes to develop luscious green lawns, and we have the right equipment and expertise to create one at your place.

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