5 Tips to Transform Your Home into a Summer Beach Getaway

Summer is here! Celebrate by transforming your house into a beach getaway. It’s easy to get the look with summery colors, prints, accessories, plants, and flamingos! Yes, flamingos. Use these quick tips below to create a beach paradise inside your own living space.

1. Use Summer’s It-Colors

As you might have heard, Pantone has released their color palette for summer 2017, and it is perfect for this season. Greenery is this year’s it color and its sister colors include Primrose Yellow, Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut, Island Paradise, Flame, Pink Yarrow, Niagara, Kale, and Lapis Blue. Ten colors are a lot to think about, but you can start by pairing a few together and then making your way on to the rest. Good neutral colors would be Niagara, Pale Dogwood, Kale, and Hazelnut. They are subtle and underwhelming so you can overuse these colors in big spaces. Flame, Lapis Blue, and Pink Yarrow are statement colors. This group is meant to be the star of the room and pairs well with neutrals.  Greenery and Primrose Yellow are great accent colors that can give any room a pop of color.

2. Incorporate Basket Weave Baskets

Basket weave baskets make great accessories because they provide texture, a natural touch, and utility. To make your summer décor interesting, you need texture to keep the eyes intrigued. The natural material effortlessly gives your space the eclectic feel that makes it seem as if you didn’t try too hard (no shame if you did)! Utility is always something to keep in mind because your space can look great, but utilization is key to having a comfortable home.

3. Use Iridescent Items

Iridescent accessories are a hot item among designers, and they can look oh so chic in your home if you use them gingerly. The rainbow spectrum in colored glass tables makes a statement, and, indeed, makes the whole room. Amplify their colors by placing them in a brightly lit room or under a window where the sun will shine through them. You can also use pearlescent finishes for an extra oomph in accessories like seashells or a kitchen backsplash composed of mosaic tiles. Pair these accessories with a natural palette for a dynamic combination of styles or use them with bright neutrals to stay true to the iridescent look.

4. Tropical Print

Summer is all about tropical, so pay homage to it by using tropical prints. You can have tropical tree prints on your curtains, pillows, chairs, wall art, or any textile, honestly. Bringing actual tropical plants into your décor is even better. There’s a wide variety of tropical plants from which to choose that can fit your lifestyle like the split philodendron, the weeping fig, and the peace ivy. The leaves provide texture and color, allowing you to achieve two uses in one item.

5. Flamingos Everywhere

Flamingos are more than just lawn accessories and floaties. They can be fabulous interior décor elements. It’s easy to make your space summer chic with these pink birds because they are tropical creatures. You can use flamingo print on an accent wall or incorporate flamingo accessories like pillows. Since they’re pink, they pair well with bright colors like blue and green.

For more ideas or questions, contact Lucy Parker (@lucyluvsdesign), Resident Designer at HomeDecorAZ.com

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