Genius Tricks to Avoid Stress While Moving

Tricks to Avoid Stress While Moving

Moving to a new house is strenuous, hectic, and requires hard work. People who have gone through this experience often report that they won’t want to repeat this experience. As you embark on the task of moving, you start noticing the familiar patterns unfolding. The process begins with collecting supplies for packing, such as card boxes, tape, bubble wraps. The level of excitement at this stage is the highest as you anticipate living in a new house and a change of locality. But as time passes, you come closer to reality, and the actual stress of packing starts to engulf you.

Small hacks and tips can make this experience less daunting. Anticipating what to expect and preparing for it can save you big time. Here is a list of some genius tricks to avoid the stress of moving to a new place.

Top 7 Genius Tricks to Avoid Stress While Moving

1. Hire A Professional Moving Company

Transporting your stuff is a big part of moving, and it can be highly stressful too. To avoid this issue, it is better to hire a professional mover company like Make sure you contact them a month before your actual plan to save the slot for you. Also, contact them a few days before the actual move to go through the details. They may visit your house to look at the stuff and check requirements like whether there is parking space for their vehicles. The best commercial movers are well aware of the fact that one small misstep can ruin something either expensive or of sentimental value, therefore leaving no room for mistakes.

2. Rent A Storage Facility

It goes without saying that furniture needs to get out of the way while moving. So, to keep large items safe while you move to a new location, you can keep them in a storage unit. Most storage facilities have weather-controlled units that keep the temperature regulated, preventing any harm to the belongings due to the temperature or humidity. You can also send some of your stuff to the storage unit. For instance, if you keep your office inventory in the house, there is no point in taking it to your place; a storage facility is better.

3. Purge Your House

Moving house is the best time when you can get rid of anything that you don’t need. It could be old clothes, utensils, electronics or furniture. You have already opened your drawers, getting rid of unwanted becomes extremely easy. You can arrange for an evening yard sale and make some money out of things you don’t need. Social media can help you a lot in attracting customers. You can post the time and place for your yard sale in your local community groups. You can also post some pictures of the things that people might get in your yard sale.

4. Give It Away

You have already decided to sell your unwanted stuff; you should give away some stuff to the charity too. Your unwanted stuff may be a treasure for the underprivileged. Since you are moving to a new house, it is better to put the right foot out and start your journey by helping others. In most cases, you can contact the charity organizations, and they come to pick the stuff. So this process is incredibly hassle-free. At the end of your yard sale and charity give-aways, you are all set to start packing the stuff that you actually need in your new house.

5. Packing Boxes

Sometime before you intend to move, start collecting the moving supplies. You might post on social media and ask people if they have used packing boxes. Often you find good quality packing boxes but at a discounted price. Your friends and family can help you to locate people who recently made a move. For packing, you can prefer both card boxes and plastic containers. The biggest benefit of plastic containers is that you can use them later in the house too.

6. Use Towels And T-Shirts To Protect China

Some people may suggest you buy paper plates to protect the china; others may ask you to buy bubble wraps to cushion your china. We all know that moving is not only stressful, but it is also expensive. You need to benefit from every opportunity to save money. Instead of buying paper plates or bubble wraps, use your soft clothes to protect china from breakage. T-shirts, Towels, and other soft clothing items can be used to keep in the boxes of china to prevent breakage during transit. 

7. Don’t Take Out The Drawers

Your drawers are the safe haven for countless small things in your house. Often they have things that you have long forgotten. Emptying the dresser and bedside drawers and repacking them can be a big hassle. The easiest trick is that you keep them in their place with all the inside. You can secure them with tape later to avoid coming out. This way, you save much space by avoiding repacking their content and spare yourself the hassle of unpacking too.

There is no repudiating that moving is stressful, but it does not have to be like that in all instances. Some genuine but easy hacks can help you avoid unnecessary stress caused by disorganization and lack of planning. The hacks stated in this article are some of the tested hacks that will surely make the process less stressful.

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