4 Tricks To Maximize Furniture Arrangement In A Small Living Room

furniture arrangement for small living room

In a metropolitan like Delhi or Mumbai, in the middle of the city, it’s difficult enough to find a good apartment or buy house in Delhi. But sometimes one has to compromise and end up having a smaller room than expected. Here we have to get creative to make sure the living room is as inviting as it is functional. Now this may seem like a herculean task, and perhaps Hercules would have just given up on this task had it been in his quest, but here are some small living room furniture ideas that will help you optimize the space and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Top 4 Tricks To Maximize Furniture Arrangement In A Small Living Room

Tricks To Maximize Furniture Arrangement

1. Furniture arrangement

In a small living room layout, the furniture arrangement of a living room has to be set around a focal point- which is usually a TV or wall decor or even a window. You don’t have to push all the furniture to the walls of the living room. You can try to bring the seating in the center and create a cozy conversation area where you can share some gossip with your friends over a cup of coffee!

2. Type of furniture

This one is really important. You must go for lightweight furniture for a small living room. I have made the mistake of choosing a big, brown, and bulky sofa set for my living room just because it seemed cozy but now that I’ve replaced it with a minimalistic beige-colored corner sofa, the room looks much bigger and neater. Keep your furniture light-colored. Try to opt for seating that is armless and has sleek legs. A neutral palette will create an illusion of a bigger space.

3. Ideas for different types of living rooms

If you have an open floor plan then separate the living area with kitchen and dining area by properly positioning the sofa and the accent furniture in the opposite direction as the dining area while leaving enough space for walking. In a vertical living room, catch the attention of the viewer with the floor to ceiling draperies and vertical shelving. If you have a window in the living room then opt for pale or white colors to reflect the natural light and avoid obstructing the window.

4.Furniture with storage

You have to make sure that the living room is just as functional so you can experiment with furniture that comes with inbuilt storage. You can also try multipurpose furniture but it can be tricky as it needs space to transform. But pieces like ottoman-cum-table can work well without taking up too much space. There are, however, many pieces of furniture available in the market with good storage. You can go for acrylic tables that are not bulky but can hold your possessions well. You can have window niche seating with storage space under it as well.

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The possibilities are endless. You just need to find what type of color palette suits your tastes, the kind of furniture available, your needs, the layout of the room, and voilà! Here is your pretty little dream living room!

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