Eco-Friendly Home: How To Turn Your Home Into An Eco Friendly Power House

Home Into An Eco Friendly Power House

Reducing your home’s Eco-footprint, saving the planet, and making your home more comfortable is easy with solar power. It’s no secret that this energy source is gaining popularity across the globe, but it has still only been able to provide a small amount of power for homes. The good news is that hiring solar installers might be the answer you’ve been looking for. To discover more about how to go about it, consult with an expert in Bakersfield, CA.

Even if you’re not concerned about the environment (you should be), there are many other benefits, with the main one being lower power bills.

Let’s find out how to transform your home into a much more Eco-friendly system.

Utilize Solar Power

Maximizing your home’s solar power potential is the number one way to save money and be Eco-friendly. Installing a solar lighting system will give you free energy from the sun and reduce your electricity bills.

The more panels you have, the more energy you can obtain, and the lower your electricity bills will be.

Solar panels can have an expensive upfront cost, however, over the long run they will save far more than this initial expense.

If you can afford them, they will make a great long term investment for both your home and the environment. Some people are even able to generate more power than they use!

Replace Your Bulbs

Have you ever noticed how hot some lightbulbs can get?

They are wasting a large amount of energy as heat. The solution is switching your old fluorescent bulbs for LEDs.

These are long lasting and far more energy efficient, which is another great way to save power and reduce your home’s environmental footprint.

Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

Is it time for a new fridge, washing machine, or some other appliance?  Choose a model that is highly energy efficient.

This is simple to work out, just look at the energy star rating. Aim for products with at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Once you have purchased and installed your new appliance, make sure it’s configured to the correct setting.

For example, you don’t need to set a new fridge to arctic-like temperatures. Something more midrange will save power and stop any items at the back of the fridge from freezing.

Turn Stuff Off

This is really simple! When you’re not using something simply turn it off.

This mainly applies to lights and fans, but don’t forget about monitors, as these are one of the most common devices left on. Just put computers to sleep when they are not being used.

Many devices still draw power the entire time they are plugged in, even if they are not being used. Eliminate this energy leeching by either unplugging them or switching off power boards.

Setting up good habits can help make this easier. Every time you leave to go out, or go to bed at night, do a round of the house to make sure everything is turned off.

Use Cold Water

When washing your clothes, the majority of energy expenditure comes from just heating the water. Using a cold-water cycle is much more Eco-friendly and saves you money.

Is it a boiling hot summers day?

If so why not take a cold shower. Most people have a habit of switching their shower onto a hot temperature, but is it really needed. During the warm months why not have a refreshingly cool one instead.

Also, consider how much water you are using and whether it is really necessary. Having showers that are shorter, or set to a lower flow rate, can save a lot of water.

Only take baths occasionally as they use large volumes of water. Any leaking taps, faucets, and pipes in your home should be promptly repaired.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

You won’t be able to constantly manage your home’s temperature, so use a programmable thermostat to do it for you.

A large portion of every home’s energy use is for heating and cooling, so by optimizing temperature control, you can make it a lot more Eco-friendly.

To achieve this you need to configure the thermostat correctly because if done the wrong way it can actually use more power.

The idea is that less energy is required when your sleeping or when your home is unoccupied during the day.

By setting the timing and temperatures correctly, you can make cooling and heating management far more effective.

Start Now

Don’t put off your home’s transformation until tomorrow. Days can turn into weeks, then months, then years.

Any little thing that you can do today can have a significant impact over time, on both the environment and your electricity bills. So, take action now and turn your home into an effective Eco-friendly system.

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