Turn That Rented House into Your Home: 4 Easy Ways to Personalise!

Turning a rented house into a home is no big deal if you personalise it the way you want. However, since you’re renting the property, you can’t make major changes to the place, especially without asking the landlord.

But that’s no reason to sulk, because there’s a lot you can do to feel at home in your new abode. Here are 4 easy ways!

Use Area Rugs

End-to-end carpeting and bare floors can be given a quick makeover with area rugs. What’s interesting is that though a rug is an accessory, it can anchor the composition of a room, bringing everything together. You can add a pop of colour to a neutral palette room with a bright area rug, or go with a patterned one in neutral shades.

Area rugs can also be layered over one another or used to define large spaces into separate living areas. Consider dressing up an empty wall by displaying a rug on it as a wall hanging!

Note that you’ll have to be mindful with using rugs depending what size of property you’re staying in. For example, if you are renting one of the larger properties near to Wellington College on the Finchampstead Ridges, you are possibly going to need quite a few larger rugs.

Deck the Walls

So what if you can’t paint the walls? Give these ideas a shot without ticking off your landlord:

  • Decorate bare walls with easily removable wall graphics. You can buy a design you like or create custom designs of your choice.
  • Use removable wall hooks (that don’t leave a mark when removed) to display artwork and pictures.
  • Cover an accent wall with temporary wallpaper. It can be peeled off and doesn’t leave a residue behind!
  • Use washi tape to create geometric patterns on walls. Again, this is great as it doesn’t leave behind any residue when peeled.
  • Window treatments can phenomenally change the look of a room, but don’t limit curtains to just windows. Instead, use floor-length curtains behind the headboard in the bedroom or as a feature wall in the living room. They can also be used as room dividers.

Plant Some Greens

Bringing the garden in has its uses: fresh air, colour, and variety! Try these ideas:

  • Place a couple of potted plants outside your door to greet visitors. You can also have a hanging planter or place small plants on the window sills.
  • Tall plants or small trees can be used indoors in large spaces. Make sure they receive adequate sunlight by placing them near windows or balconies.
  • Awkward spaces and corners can be filled with large plants in brightly coloured containers.
  • Plant a mix of succulents in some old chinaware and place on the dining table or coffee table for a lovely vintage touch.
  • Grow herbs in small containers or mason jars and place on window sills. You can also mount them on a kitchen wall or place them on a countertop shelf.
  • Make your own terrarium! They are pretty, low-maintenance, and can instantly add life to a space. You can have an open terrarium or a closed one, or have a mix of a couple of them displayed against a wall or placed on a corner table.
  • Brighten up dull bathrooms with plants. Choose ones that thrive in a humid environment, but do consider the size of your bathroom and the amount of sunlight it receives.

Replace Hardware and Fixtures

Remove old, drab and flaking hardware and fixtures and use those of your own to add a personalised touch to your new home. The best part is, you can take your fittings with you when you’re ready to move again; just stow away the original ones and replace them when the time comes!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Perk up the kitchen and bathrooms by replacing the faucets.
  • Add some glamour to bathrooms by changing the shower heads. You can pick a low-flow shower head that not only looks good but helps you save water too.
  • Buy new cabinet hardware that appeals to your taste. Do make sure the new knobs and pulls fit existing holes in the cabinets; this way, you won’t need to drill new holes.
  • Swap that flimsy plastic toilet paper holder with a sturdy and attractive one. If you’re very germ-conscious or if the toilet seat looks uncomfortable, change it!
  • Splurge on attractive light fixtures so you can control the type of lighting in your new home. You may also want to change the bulbs.
  • While you’re at it, change ugly and discoloured switch plates, switches, and power outlets for something modern and sleek.


Renting a house means asking your landlord for permission before you make even the smallest of changes. And since most landlords are unlikely to give tenants a free rein, you may have to live with whatever is on offer.

Alternatively, you can make smart choices and change elements in the house without hurting your landlord. With the ideas given in this post, you now have several options to pursue. So get started on them and turn your new house into your home!

Tracey Koster is a passionate writer with a pulse on the real estate industry. She continuously seeks to stay in tune with the dynamics of this sector. Her inclination leans more towards real-estate technology and its development. Follow me – @traceykoster_me

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