Tweak your Cleaning Process to Protect Yourself from Allergies

Okay. You are cleaning the house to reduce the allergens, yet the cleaning process itself aggravates your allergies. It seems like a no-win situation. Fortunately, you can make a few small changes to your house cleaning routine to protect yourself from allergies.

Housecleaning Tips to Ease Allergies

Wear a Mask

As you go through the cleaning process, allergens are going to get airborne. Wearing a mask will limit the number of allergens that you breathe in. A simple painter’s mask or a surgical mask will do the trick.

Vacuum Smart

You need a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter to capture allergens. A regular vacuum cannot capture these tiny particles, which means they are sucked up into the air and sent flying. A HEPA vacuum used once or twice a week will radically reduce the allergens in your carpets and rugs.

Dust with a Damp Cloth

A dry cloth only scatters the dust and allergens it touches. A damp cloth attracts and captures these minute particulates. Microfiber cloths are particularly good at capturing allergens.

Wash Sheets Weekly

Dust mites can trigger allergic reactions. The only way to kill them is to wash your sheets in hot water every week. Reducing or eliminating the dust mite population will help lower your allergies.

Scrub the Bathroom Frequently

Mold loves the moist conditions of your bathroom. Mold spores can trigger allergy symptoms. To keep mold at bay, you need to scrub the tile and other surfaces in the bathroom at least every other week.

Use a Clothes Dryer

Hanging clothes out to dry exposes them to pollen and other outdoor allergens. The better solution is to use a clothes dryer instead.

Use Fragrance-Free Cleaners

Artificial fragrances can trigger allergic symptoms in some people. Look for fragrance-free cleaners and detergents to avoid this problem.

Avoid Shampooing Carpet

Water injected into the carpet can get trapped. This can trigger mold growth as well as provide ideal breeding and living conditions for dust mites.

Changes to Make in Your Home

In addition to changing your house cleaning routine, you can also make strategic changes to your home to reduce your exposure to allergens.

Add Covers to Your Mattress or Pillows

You can buy allergen-proof covers to put over your mattress and pillows. This keeps dust mites from getting in and breeding.

Keep the Cats and Dogs Outside the Bedroom

Pet dander and saliva are common allergens. You want to keep those allergens as far away from your nose and mouth as possible. Keeping the pets outside the bedroom is a good way to start.

No Smoking Inside the House

Tobacco smoke is dangerous to your health and can trigger allergic symptoms. If someone in your house smokes, take it outside. It will keep the air inside clearer.

These housecleaning tips to ease allergies will help you and your family stay comfortable and symptom-free.

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