Types of Designer Comforters & Bedspreads

No doubt comforters and bedspreads started out as animal skins used to keep out the cold in prehistoric times.

More recently they were made of such beautiful quilting that they are now considered to be an art form in their own right.

These days we have central heating, but the comforter and bedspread still do good service keeping us warm and adding so much to our bedroom decor.

If you’re keen on designer brands you’ll find that the new ranges of bedding are of a high standard and with fresh, new styling.

Tommy Hilfiger’s All American collection has several comforters and bedspreads that will bring plenty of color to your bedroom.

The Some ville comforter is a blaze of pink flowers with touches of green leaves and white background.

It’s a very feminine style of bedding that will appeal to women of all ages who like large flower patterns which remind you a summer garden in full bloom.

The Tommy Hilfiger Cold Spring comforters and bedspreads have a bright red background with a white stenciled flower pattern, which is a clever combination of a warm color for the winter cold and flowers that remind you of spring.

The surprising thing about this bedding is that on the flip side you have Ithaca blue stripe which gives you very good value for your money as you get two very appealing but contrasting looks!

The new Ralph Lauren range of comforters and bedspreads brings a stunning new look in the combination of blue denim comforters with Scottish ‘Black Watch’ plaid sheets to mix and match.

It’s a very smart looking new idea and will bring your bedding right up-to-date.

By contrast, the Ralph Lauren Poet’s Society collection has a very rich and exotic look which includes an absolutely fabulous comforter in a Persian rug print full of dark purples, deep pink and sand shades.

It’s a really exotic and unusual use of design which looks very luxurious and the matching sheets have a smart pin stripe pattern which balances the look perfectly. If you like an expensive and opulent look for your bedding this collection will suit you very well.

Martha Stewart never disappoints and her latest collection of fresh-looking comforters and bedspreads is no exception.

The Stenciled Leaves comforter is a soft fresh green covered in an ornate figured leaf pattern in a lighter tone.

It’s a very soothing shade for bedding and just right for bringing an atmosphere of serenity to your bedroom.

The matching white sheets are finished very prettily with Broderic lace.

My last choice comes from the Colonial Hill bedding collection from Tommy Bahama and it’s a bedspread featuring an ivory background almost completely covered by a classic style figured floral pattern in navy.

It looks very luxurious and crisp at the same time and I think that matching comforters and bedspreads in this style would create a very sophisticated and elegant ambiance in your bedroom.

And the range is available in number of sizes including California king.

If you need your comforters and bedspreads to be California king size, don’t forget that you can find a very wide range of this bedding in the J.C. Penney store online!

If you go straight to the California king range, it will save you the disappointment of picking bedding that you absolutely love only to find that they don’t do it in that size!

Comfortes Comforters and bedspreads have come a very long way from the days of animal skins and I think we’re really lucky to have such a wonderful choice of colors, patterns and styles so that we can make our bedrooms both comfortable and attractive!

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