5 Types Of Multi-Family Construction Units

multi-family construction

A multifamily construction unit is a vertical or horizontal building divided into several dwelling units that share the land as common property. They are integrated mainly in blocks when they are low-rise buildings or in towers when the dwellings are part of constructions of more than ten floors. They share common areas stairs and elevators, amenities, and other community additions. Still, they maintain privacy in the coexistence inside each housing unit.

Multi-family units are among the most profitable investments in real estate when done right. Hiring the right contractors and building companies to construct your units are crucial when undertaking such an endeavor. Keep reading to learn more about the most common types of multi-unit construction.

Types of Multi-Family Construction Units

1. Multifamily Residential Construction

They may consist of various product types such as a ranch style property with one level of living area, two to three story walk up, with up to three levels of living units connected with an exterior staircase.

Multifamily residential construction unit has developments that cover medium or large-sized spaces. Moreover, Multifamily Construction in Hamilton, Ohio, has various dimensions and categories of this unit; thus, check them out for your preferred choice. Or if you want a new house and look for your Grove City home builder, consider experienced home building services like Rockfort Homes.

2. Apartment Building Construction

The unit has various designs to fit a large number of families. Units can range from 8 to 800, when first coming into the field, it’s best practice to start small. The construction offers general living quarters such as a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom utility room.

However, the owners share the entrance to the building, parking lots, corridors, elevators, stairs, and hallways between the apartments. If you wish to have your apartment building constructed, visit Rockfort Homes, for their quality and efficient construction services.

3. Single-family Infill Construction

Single-family Infill construction is a new building strategy on vacant or underutilized land, especially in urban or suburban neighborhoods. This allows you to build multiple one-family units

Multifamily construction in Hamilton, Ohio, helps you purchase an underused space, mainly in the urban area where they will construct a new subdivision. This construction allows the client to build homes in a newly established neighborhood. However, the many regulations and restrictions surrounding an established neighborhood can be challenging to you when constructing.

4. Townhouse Construction

Homeowners are more attracted to townhomes because of the additional privacy and extra living space. Usually governed by an HOA, these communities are very similar to single-family homes, but without the exclusive liability that fall traditional homeowners. Professional multifamily construction companies in Hamilton, Ohio, have built townhouses with varying numbers of units and amenities. 

5. Senior Living Construction

The multifamily construction in Hamilton, Ohio, has senior living constructions designed to accommodate elderly individuals. Create a community of units that have individual kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. However, most senior constructions share parking lots, patios, and amenities like the pool and community center.


Whether you want a single-family infill unit, multi-unit construction apartment, or senior living construction, ensure that you work with qualified professionals to create adequate construction.

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