Types Of Reclaimed Wood

One of the reasons why vintage homes have such a unique look is the wood types that were used to build vintage homes, barns, and other buildings. Some of those wood types are still used today but others aren’t. When you use reclaimed wood in your home you can give your home that vintage look by using reclaimed and recycled wood that may not be available today. Some of the most common types of recycled wood are: oak, elm, pine, maple, ash, and walnut. The unique grain lines, natural wood marks, and saw marks on reclaimed wood make each piece a one of a kind item that will look beautiful in your home. If you dislike the cookie cutter appearance of newer homes using vintage reclaimed wood is the perfect style upgrade for your home.

Sometimes reclaimed wood is recycled by mixing different types of wood to create a new and unique look for wooden stair treads, cabinets, furniture, and other home decorations. Mixed wood panels for walls that are made from reclaimed wood are great if you want to give your home a bohemian or eclectic look that will bring in elements and colors of different types of wood. The colors and textures in reclaimed wood make the wood a fantastic accent for any room in your home. Reclaimed wide plank flooring that mixes different types of wood gives homes a striking appearance that will really stand out.

If you have an older vintage home and you want to update the style of the home without losing the original character that made the home attractive, use reclaimed wood of the same species as the wood that’s already in your home to have the same vintage patina and look as the existing wood so you can update your home without having to worry about the woods types and colors clashing.

For more information on reclaimed wood, check out the infographic below:

reclaimed woods

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