Top 3 Types Of Shower Heads

Imagine having a shower before the 20th century. Usually buckets were used to pour water over a person. Since then a lot has changed, especially in the bathroom world.

The invention of shower head was very profound. Different types of such heads were developed as a result of a need to have a better and more relaxing washing experience. These heads have as such become a vital part of any walk in shower or walk in tub.

The development of new types of shower heads was a revolution in the industry. Here we will present you the top 3 of the most innovative and exotic shower heads that will make you reconsider which type of shower head to choose in the future.

The design and functionality of washing heads is very similar. However, what makes one different from the other is the water profile. The water profile makes all the difference in creating pristine washing experience.

On the other hand, the functionality of a washing head is essentially the same with every head, but the difference in water profile is something that can dramatically change the washing experience. As such the water profile is the fundamental trait by which we differentiate types of bathroom heads.

The most basic type is a full-body water profile. This is the one that is really simple in design and provides the needed functionality. It is a high impact water profile with all the nozzles delivering the water at high speed.

In such a way, all the body parts are reached quickly and effectively. This head is considered to be a golden standard of bathroom equipment. Nonetheless, one has to be careful about high water consumption as well.

One of the most exotic ones is a pulsating massage water profile. With this one the water is also delivered from all the nozzles.

However, this type of shower head uses pulsating water profile by turning nozzles on and off. This recreates a joyous and interesting shower experience, especially useful if you want a relaxing shower.

Drenching rain is the name of the last washing head we are going to present. If you have only few minutes to take a shower, this is the washing head you want.

It will deliver massive amounts of water in as little time as possible and make you feel like you are standing under a waterfall. Of all the types of shower heads, this is the one that will help you the most when in a hurry.

We presented the top 3 shower heads. There are many more interesting and exotic heads out there. If you want to check out different types of shower heads such as circular massage or misting, you are more than welcome to visit our website and have a look.

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