Types of Solar Water Heating Systems

It can be quite expensive to heat your home with gas or electric. People are starting to look at the alternatives to help save them money. Solar water heating systems are a nice alternative.

An added bonus with a solar powered system is that it is using a renewable, non-polluting energy source. Choosing a solar water heating system just makes a lot of sense.

Two major types of solar water heating system

A solar water heating system can be passive or active. This refers to how the water is heated within the system. As the names suggest, passive systems require less equipment then active systems. Passive systems also do not require a lot of water movement, where active systems move water more often.

Passive solar water heating system

A passive solar water heating system does not contain moving parts and requires nothing more then the solar energy to operate. The water system is mainly a tank on the roof. It should be in a spot where it will have good sun exposure.

This tank is usually painted black and made of a metal that will conduct the heat. The tank is where the water is heated and it is then pumped out as needed to wherever in the house.

Active solar water heating system

An active solar water heating system requires the use of an additional energy source, such as electric. It uses solar panels to collect the solar energy and stores them in a battery block. As the energy is extracted from the battery or the panels an electrical heating system is needed to help warm up stored water.

Both passive and active system will help reduce energy costs. However, with the unreliability of solar energy, passive systems can require some type of back up in case there is just not enough solar power.

Additionally, active systems may require more maintenance since it has many more parts to it then a passive system.

Overall, any type of solar water heating system is going to help reduce reliance on energy sources that are quickly becoming depleted. It is solar energy that seems to be the most promising choice as a replacement form of energy that is abundant, free and easy to use.

The purchase of either an active or passive solar water heating system is going to be a good buy. You will be happy with your purchase because it will pay for itself over time, unlike any electric or gas water heating system.

Solar Attic Fan – The Benefits And Why They Are Useful

If you have an attic, then you need a attic fan. This is yet another good use for solar energy. Solar energy fit’s the bill for this job because it allows you to easily install a fan without the need for wiring or expensive electrical work and the rooftop positing is perfect for solar energy use.

Your attic is like a trap for heat and moisture. These conditions are perfect for the growth of harmful molds. By having an attic fan you eliminate the environment mold needs and help to protect your home and your family.

A solar attic fan will help keep the heat levels down and rid the attic of moisture. This fan will work automatically off the solar energy gathered from the sun. You will have nothing to do but install the fan. Solar attic fans require little maintenance since they do not involve complex parts or any electrical parts.

Since there is not wiring, installing your solar attic fan is simple. Part of the reason people avoid installing attic fans is due to the complexity of installation. With a solar attic fan you do not have that hassle. There are no wires to rerun, no concerns about electrical issues at all. Just basic building skills will allow you to install your solar attic fan with ease.

Your fan will consist of a solar panel that will stay on the roof and will gather the solar energy and store it. The fan will then use the energy as needed and any remaining energy will stayed stored for later use. The best part is you are getting free energy, so your solar attic fan will cost you nothing to operate. These fans will pay for itself over time with the money saved on energy cost and will also help save the environment.

The information that comes with your solar attic fan will give you good instructions on how to install it. You should always make sure that the fan you choose is going to be adequate for your needs. It is important to choose the right fan so that all the moisture and heat is removed properly.

A solar attic fan is going to allow you to handle your attic needs. It is going to be easy to install and maintain. You will be glad that you made this choice in an attic fan. In shot, solar attic fans are effective, efficient and worthwhile.

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