Replacing Your Toilet Seat 2023: Why Not Upgrade?

upgrade toilet sheet

When it comes to replacing your toilet seat in 2023, you should really be thinking about how you can upgrade it. The easiest and most sensible way to upgrade your toilet seat and enhance your restroom experience is to purchase a bidet system.

We will start by going over a couple of hesitations that are common among buyers and then review some awesome perks and features that you get with a bidet seat.

It’s Really Not too Expensive

One of the biggest hesitations before purchasing a bidet toilet seat is the cost, but you actually end up saving money. With bidets, you are not purchasing toilet paper anymore, which expoliates that expense from your budget.

With the average person using around $5-10 worth of toilet paper per month,  the price of TP quickly outweighs the initial cost of a bidet, so don’t feel bad about getting the model you want. In a home with four or more people, you could make up the price of a high-quality bidet seat in under a year.

They Are More Hygienic

Another concern before bransferring to spray systems is that they will spray matter or leave you dirty. Both of these rumors are false, however. Bidets are actually more hygienic and clean far better than toilet paper.

Bidets clean thoroughly with a gentle stream of water at a precise angle to get everything every time. Toilet paper tends to leave remnants of your waste along with paper scraps, leaving you feeling itchy and gross. Many Bidets even have a warm air dryer, so you don’t even have to pat yourself dry, letting you completely avoid TP.

They Are Low Maintenance

Many people tend to think that bidets are high maintenance and annoying, but that is far from the truth. Your bidet seat will need a filter change based on a determined interval, but that is pretty much it.

Lots of modern systems come with a warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. In theory, bidet maintenance amounts to less time than it takes to replenish toilet paper in your bathroom.


Among all of the hygiene improvements and long-term savings, the ample features that bidets provide will also serve your home well. Hate cold seats? Bidets have a built-in seat warmer. Want help with bathroom odor?

There are bidets with air deodorizers. These things give you a solution to just about everything, and make every aspect of your “go” better.

Most bidet systems have adjustable spray angle, water pressure, and temperature to ensure the posterior and prontal wash functions are comfortable and effective. Many seats also have a built-in warm air dryer and slow closing lid, so you never have to hear the seat slam again.

Order Your Bidet Seat

Are you excited to order a bidet yet? These systems are gentler, clean better, and give a far superior experience than any brand of toilet paper. If you are ready to order your bidet toilet seat, consider the Bio Bidet BB 2000.

It has the highest spray volume and arguable the best clean out of any bidet, and has affordable pricing that lets you receive luxury features with mid-class pricing. Order Your BB 2000 from BidetsPlus today using coupon bpsavings5.

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