20 Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas in 2023

village single floor home front design

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From a full day of hard work and facing all kinds of problems at our workplace, our home is the place which gives us comfort and relaxation. As we sit in the comfort of our home, surrounded by an environment whose all histories are written by us, enjoying familiar sights, it seems like all our difficulties have been overcome and we feel overwhelmed and a sense of pride crawls into our emotional world.

Our home is not just a structure made up of bricks and cement, it is a reflection of who we are, what are our moral values, and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful family. Our house is a dream we structure over many years and when the correct time comes and we are in a position to fulfil our dreams, we do what the best for us.

Our House Our Pride: A Personal Reflection

Every nook and cranny of our house tells the #story of each #chapter in the book of our life. It is a library of important moments of our life that we want to preserve, and the artwork in the interior and the exterior of our house is like a canvas which we want to fill with our imagination.

In this particular article, we are tracing down 20 village single floor home front design ideas, as we know that the house will get converted into a home when it passes all the checklists on your priorities. Our house is a sanctuary or a heaven which is meant to safeguard us from all the outside world chaos which is always waiting for us to put us into trouble.

The moment we step through the front gate we are greeted by a sense of warmth and familiarity which can’t be matched by any other comfort as it is coming from the vibes of our house which has now become a #HOME.

There can be countless encounters between me and my family, as it is natural to argue with other members but no matter how disturbed I am, when I am relaxing in my home, I can retreat, find solace and recharge my spirit only at the comfort of my home. 

But to be true it is not just the physical aspect that makes our house our pride, it’s all about the intangible qualities that set our home apart from merely a structure of bricks and cement. Every corner of our house is filled with emotions of success and failure in our life, an echo of laughter during our happy moments with our family.

Let us give #TRIBUTE to our home and discuss these 20 amazing ideas which you can replicate to bring your dream came life and cater to all your happiness.

20 Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas

It is important that you keep in mind that all these home designs are not ranked but only numbered as the choice of design is a subjective matter and may differ from person to person.

1. Typical Indian Village House

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#1 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, showing a painful but true, most of the Indian villages are poor and don’t even have the basic facility to survive. This type of house is the least possible arrangement by a human who is challenged by the circumstances, to get a roof for himself and his family.

Though small and uncomfortable, these houses are capable of surviving the wrath of nature, and also cost very less to prepare. Though it is not recommendable to have a house like this, I want to start with this to show the pitiful condition of our villages and how people are forced to survive.

The first image is a tribute to all the village people who are the food factory for our nation with the hope that they get a better ambience to live in. This list will be better than this as

2. Chinese Dragon Style Design

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#2 In Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, we can have a design which is typically the Chinese style, dragon mounted at the top. This type of house is very cost-effective but extremely well-ventilated, as there is a double roof pattern.

The roof design below is the actual height of the ceiling and above it, there is a separation of another roof, which is connected with ventilated bars. Because of these ventilated bars, there is no need for windows and the big doors are also very comfortable.

3. Backyard Garden Style Design

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#3 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, I have a design dedicated to those who are nature lovers and the side wooden extension is suitable to have a kitchen garden. The walls of the house are simply designed like wooden plates and the widows are big and airy.

The house is well-ventilated, full of greenery enough to keep you in a pleasant mood for the whole day. It will also be useful for rejuvenating your health as you have access to 24-hour fresh air.

4. Hut Style Design

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#4 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this particular architecture is simple to accomplish and it is very cost-effective as well. The roof is made up of plate-shaped clay brick, and the walls are carved out of wood.

This kind of design is useful if you are thinking of an outhouse with a fence which can protect your property and also give you some space to rest and relax.

5. One-Story Pillar Style Design

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#5 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this design has a pillar-type front look which gives it a royal look, and also a dedicated parking area to space. Also, the colour combination looks royal and mesmerising the wooden carved entrance adds stars to it.

There is a dedicated space outside where you can give life to your imagination, which can be utilised for gardening as well as decoration purpose.

6. Eagle-Shaped Design

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#6 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, is an antique design which will keep others talking about your house. The design may not look conventional but it’s extremely comfortable to live in. The house is well ventilated with big size windows and the material used in building the roof also prevents the heat to come in.

The outside is simple because there is no need for additional external decoration with such a uniquely designed house.

7. Pillar-Brick Style Design

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#7 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this design has two tall pillars standing as two strong guards protecting the whole structure. The structure of this design is wide in extension, and the wooden-styled design goes well with the whole design.

The design is two-storied and well ventilated having an added benefit of a guest room type of spot just outside the main door, which can be handy if too many guests come but you don’t want to get your personal life disturbed.  

8. Pinky Caravan Style Design

#8 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this retro-style caravan can do wonders for you if you are a traveller. Although the space is small and compact, there is no issue with the ventilation when it comes to this design.

It gives you the liberty to roam around whichever place you like in the comfort of your home. The pink pattern with lines and orange blubs goes well with the design but you can go for a colour combination of your choice.

9. Museum Dome Style Design 

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#9 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, is a museum-style dome-type design, which will catch great attraction among the locals. The design looks decent with a combination of blue and white, and the ambience is well-lit and airy.

The design will give a special feel, as it is out of the box, yet very comfortable to live in. The roof is slanting and made of a material which is good at cutting the heat effect.

10. Old School Design

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#10 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this particular design is indeed interesting as it has the essence of Indian as well as foreign. Although the structure is Indian, the design of the roof and the chimney give it an unconventional look.

The carvings on the front wall and top rounded windows also look cool from the front, but apart from the front look, the rest of the design looks very simple.

11. Aircraft Style Design

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#11 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this house looks like the top of an aircraft from the front. The rest of the design is simple but the red colour and the stone-based structure look unique.

The design of the house is good enough to attract the people nearby, and even they will be excited to have a selfie with this house.

12. Aesthetic House Design

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#12 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this particular design looks royal yet simple. Outside there is enough space for vehicles and the ambience is full of fresh air. The roof has a unique structure, though it lacks a terrace, it’s good enough to attract people.

In front, there is a small patch of grass and some space to grow flowers which will enhance the overall beauty of this house.

13. Stone Bricks Style Design

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#13 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this design is as solid as a rock, you can enjoy the luxury of this house for a long time without being worried about any wear and tear. Stone bricks are used on the walls of this house and thus there is less requirement for pillars.

The ventilation of the house is amazing, and to cut down the heat the roof is made up of heat-repellent material. Outside there is scope for gardening if you are a nature lover and from inside it will be cosy and comfortable.

14. Grass Roof Style Design

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#14 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this particular design is a combination of natural beauty and simplicity. The walls of this house are made up of long wooden tiles, and on the ceiling, there is a covering of grass-type material.

The house is comfortable and economical, as the materials are cheaply available, but if you are looking for an outhouse or beach house, which won’t be your permanent residence, this could be a good choice.

15. British Conventional Style Design

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#15 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this design is a beauty which camouflages nature giving a feeling that it’s a part of nature and not a human architecture. The colour combination is amazing, and the design elements added to the windows and around the main entrance gel each other.

Because of the larger proportion of windows, the ambience will always be airy and under all types of weather conditions, it will be comfortable to live in.

16. Old Church-Style Design

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#16 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this structure may not be a choice for everyone, but for those who have religious faith, this can be a paradise to live in. The design is simple and the material used costs less, but the space outside the main entrance can have utilised to satisfaction.

The colour combination used, give a feel of an Indian village-type house and if you are willing to stay in a house which is unique in looks yet conventional, this design can be a choice for you.

17. Bricked Pattern Style Bungalow Design

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#17 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this design is a type of bungalow, which will give you a royal feel. Every part of this design is filled with richness, and it will make you stand out from the crowd.

The front entrance of the house is structured using round pillars, and the walls are decorated with tiles which imitate the looks of bricks. The structure is very strong to withstand wear and tear for a long time and is also highly comfortable because the proportion of widows on the walls is high.

18. Wooden Fabric Style Bungalow Design 

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#18 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this is another type of bungalow which feels like being rich. The whole design is dedicated to a wooden pattern look, with a dedicated parking space. There is also a separate space for an outhouse and just in front of the main entrance, there is a small patch for gardening as well.

The design of the house is amazing and good enough to make the neighbours feel jealous, but providing you with all kinds of comfort elements that you will need in your house.

19. Glass Decorated Style Bungalow

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#19 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this design is dedicated to glass, as most of the portions are structured using glasses. The house is very comfortable and windy, and the glasses being good repellent for heat, keeps the inner ambience cool.

There is also a beautiful lawn in front of the main entrance, where you can relax working hard for the full day. The wooden blocks type pillar design, goes well with the glass looks, and altogether it’s a different charisma.

20. Multi-Storied Style Bungalow

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#20 in Village Single Floor Home Front Design Ideas, this house is second to none in terms of design, looks, comfort and durability. There is enough space in front for the children to enjoy, and for the elders to sit and relax.

At the same time, the design has used solid elements which will add to the durability of the house. The is also a dedicated hall just near the front gate, which can be useful for family gatherings and functions.


A house is something not easy to achieve and millions of my fellow Indians are living this dream, and working hard so that one day they are in a situation to achieve their dreams. Once we are in a situation to fulfil our dream, and going to start the construction of our house, it’s a challenging task to decide on the type of design we want to achieve.

Although some engineers and architects are ready to work out a design for us, one thinks they lack out unique choice. Everyone in this world has his own unique choice and when it comes to housing as well, we want to be unique.

A hope that this article on Village Single Floor Front Design Ideas will be helpful to search for the unique house that you want to be a part of.

Village Single Floor Home Front Design FAQs

What mostly single-floored homes are found in villages?

It’s not true to say that villages only have single-floor houses but it’s correct that the ratio of single-floor houses is large. It can be a reason that villages don’t lack space and people love to make a widespread house.

Should I go for a bungalow or a simple design, if I am planning to build a house in a remote location?

It completely depends on your choice and budget, but if you have a budget go for a better design so that you will not regret it later.

If I need a strong foundation, which type of design will be good for me?

You can go for the stone brick style design if durability is your prime concern.

I have a house near a lake, which type of design will suit me best.

A lightweight design suits best your need as in most cases such houses are used for recreation purposes, so no need to spend too much. 

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