5 Vintage Decor Ideas to Add Charm To Your House

decor ideas

Everyone has their style when it comes to decorating their house. Some people prefer a modern and trendy interior, while others crave a warm and rustic feeling. But nothing quite beats a gorgeous place with a vintage pattern. This modest style is all about marrying the old with the new and blending antique and contemporary finishes. It is also an excellent chance to display your heirlooms and celebrate your rich heritage. 

However, to achieve this goal, you must work on your house in a certain way. Vintage is not easy to capture, and often you’re left with a cluttered mess trying to bring out this unique look. So if you’re in the market trying to find the best way to liven up your space, here’s what you need to do.

decor ideas

Before You Begin

Like most things in life, you need to plan what you define as vintage before purchasing decorations from the store. Vintage is all about using antiques and rustic items that blend well together and give your house personality. Every piece needs to have a location and add to the charm of your house without looking out of place. 

Similarly, the colors of your home need to highlight these items, which can make your choice in interior decorating look expensive and elegant. Therefore consider browsing through vintage decor ideas and pictures of what will look good in your house. Envision your house’s structure, account for its archways, and think about all the natural light entryways and how vast your property is to get a good start in your journey. Without further ado, here are some ideas for home décor:

1. Work On the Staircase

The walls beside your staircase are ideal for displaying your vintage collection. You can start by painting your railings a deep shade of brown. Once the paint settles, lightly rub sandpaper over it to cause the color to fade from certain areas giving it a much older look. After which don’t forget to pay attention to the walls. You can frame your vintage artwork and display them along your staircase. If you have older pictures of relatives, newspaper clippings, or souvenirs from the nineties, consider sticking them all up. The more you fill your wall, the more you’ll add to your staircase, causing it to stand out. This is also a great way to treasure your memories and enjoy past events anytime you use the stairs. 

2. Buy A Glass Chandelier

Nothing screams renaissance than a cascading glass chandelier that can go into the center of your living space and drawing room. Many palaces and castles were known to have a looming light fixture in their ballrooms, symbolizing aristocracy and wealth. The best you can find a chandelier for your house is to measure the length and width of the room. You don’t want to end up with a large piece that looks odd on the ceiling and leaves no room to move around when you’re walking. The height of your light fixture should be enough for you to walk under it and look at it. Go for a chandelier that has crystals or glass decorations on it. These catch-and-reflect lights create a luminescent effect that is beautiful to witness. 

3. Invest In Textile

Vintage textile is hard to miss. The fabric, pattern, and cloth cannot be replicated and often have meticulous designs made by hand. The material’s color is also warm and inviting, filled with bright shades and details you cannot find in your local Home Depot. If you get your hands on excellent vintage fabric, consider getting lampshades, bed spends and cushions made from it. You can also buy stitched rugs and wall decor far too unique to be a machine-crafted item. Countries like India are known for their cloth and material. Their quilts and carpets tell stories that can catch anyone’s eye. Some of the upholstery also have animals drawn, which are charming to look at. What you plan on doing with the textile is your choice. 

4. Buy Old School Appliances

The old era is known for its matching appliances with their functional retro bodies. The entire layout would be painted in one shade, from the kitchen walls to the plates. This is a signature vintage look and one that you can quickly bring back. But there is one slight catch. Most retro appliances can get heavy on the pocket since their iconic shape and structure make them a collectible items. So if you cannot buy a whole set like the refrigerator or a toaster, get a handful of things that capture the look. You can purchase coffee makers, ovens, and cutlery that look antique. Change their handles for your cupboards and give them a paint job that matches your new gadgets. 

5. Use Reclaimed Wood

Unlike regular wood, reclaimed versions of it are long-lasting and keep your house safe from molds and rots. Wooden decor tends to become infected and damaged easily, but reclaimed wood is not the same. These have been treated with chemicals and dyes, which make them sustainable and disease free. You can get these in varying lengths from numerous stores, including Etsy, and create your pieces. Wooden planks come in handy for the accent wall or are transformed into a shelf to display all your ornaments. You can also spray paint on them if you want more rustic-looking furniture or decoration that looks both antique and expensive. 


Decorating your house is a form of self-expression. You get to decide how you want every inch of your home to look that reflects your creativity and artistry. Therefore, you should go for a vintage style when it comes to elegance and class. Capturing an antique look is being clever with your space. You can achieve this by converting your staircase into a glimpse of your past and making it into a gallery.

On the other hand, chandeliers add depth to a room and naturally make the lighting look good. Furthermore, a textile with magnificent designs and luxurious prints deserves to be in your house. Finally, reclaimed wood is an excellent addition to your home. Whether you make it into a display piece or use it for furniture, both will look equally attractive. 

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