12 Wall Art Ideas For Bedrooms That’ll Make It Look Classy & Comfortable

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Don’t know which wall art to mount on that bland wall? Or are you tired of using sconces to cover the bare wall? If so, look no further and implement any of these wall art ideas that perfectly add class and comfort to your bedroom. For a complete makeover, you can make use of any of these minimalistic home decor ideas, which will help you with decluttering the space and adding a dash of elegance to your abode. When it comes to bedroom wall decor, you must embrace creativity, and try out certain things. Don’t worry we’ll let you know which wall art or finishing touches you require to make it look welcoming and refreshing. Let’s go! 

1. Mount A Pet Portrait

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Add a personality and interest to your bedroom wall with a pet portrait. It’s best for you and your visitors as it makes a great conversation starter. Besides, it’ll display your personality and show how much you admire your pet. It’ll look flawlessly beautiful if you turn your pet’s photos into a portrait and mount it above your bed. Whether your bedroom is surrounded by vintage furniture or has drab walls, a pet portrait will never fail to add charm and colours to them. 

2. Wall Portraits

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A wall portrait can be a beautiful addition to any wall and can help enhance the beauty of the space. Wall portraits are available in various mediums, such as Pop art, Blansky art, landscape art, graffiti art etc which allows you to choose a piece that complements the room’s decor.

A well-placed wall portrait can serve as a focal point and draw the eye, adding interest and depth to the space. Such as Pop art portraits are a great way to add a touch of creativity and individuality to your bedroom. Whether you’re a fan of classic pop art or more contemporary interpretations, there are plenty of options available to help you beautify the wall’s texture, and character to the wall, depending on the medium used and the subject matter.

Overall, a wall portrait can be an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your wall and create a more aesthetically pleasing space.

3. Mount Woven Rattan Flat Baskets

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Whether you wish to create a statement wall piece or bohemian style for your bedroom walls, woven rattan baskets will certainly fulfil your expectations. The beauty is you can make your own arrangement, and set a refreshing vibe in your bedroom. It’ll give your blank wall a natural feel and make it look gorgeous. 

4. Mount An Antler

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An antler has always been a great wall decor for the living room as well as the bedroom. You may find several types of antlers but use the one which will look vintage yet stunning, and goes well with light colour walls. It’s a timeless piece that should be mounted above the bed, giving it a rustic elegance and feel. 

5. Add A Gold Flower Wall Decor

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Draw everyone’s attention to your wall with this arrangement. Use this cascade of gold flowers and cover most areas of the wall, which will give a whimsical feel to it. It won’t emit a blossom fragrance but certainly, brighten any bedroom walls. Whether you want to use it above the head, or next to a wall shelf, it’ll look great on any spot. 

6. Hang A Mirror

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Hang a round mirror next to your bed, opposite a window that’ll make a small space appear larger and brighter. It’ll add depth, and interest to the layout, adorning most parts of your bedroom wall. Though it looks cliche, it perfectly pairs with bedroom furniture and light fixtures. Always get a round mirror that remains in style and comes within budget. 

7. Arrange Book Pages


Add an eclectic statement to your bedroom walls with an arrangement of old book pages. You will necessarily require handyman skills to create a grid of book pages. However, it saves your valuable time and forbids spending a fortune on expensive bedroom decor items. When book pages are arranged perfectly, it’d give your bedroom a vintage look. 

8. Mount A Shelf 

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Make a room for storage on your bedroom wall with this U-shaped wooden shelf. Bedrooms that need decluttering and decoration certainly require this bedroom decor furniture to keep everything in a tip-top manner. You can mount it wherever you want—it’s a modish look, and looks stylish when placed together on walls. 

9. Use Mandala Headboard

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This stunning addition is a must to your bedroom decor. This mandala headboard actually covers some areas of the wall but dominates the entire space with its magnificent floral design. You can even experiment with different light adjustments as it casts shadows as the light changes. It’s an elegant and modern piece that goes well with any bedroom furniture. 

10. Mount Wall To Wall Frames

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Turn your bedroom wall into a focal point with this bedroom wall decor idea. You can have half a dozen photo frames mounted above the bed that won’t fail to give a stunning touch to the walls. Mount it the way you want but make sure you use white photo frames that go perfectly with off-grey wall paint. You’ll love to wake up in the morning with beautiful pictures surrounded by yourself. 

11. Use Rugs Above The Bed

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Make your bedroom wall interesting and colourful with rugs. To upgrade your above bed, you must use rugs that’ll add texture, pattern, and depth, giving it a vibrant touch. Make sure you opt for a light rug, that’s available at cheaper prices in the market, which will enhance the look of your bedroom. 

12. Use A Gallery Wall Shelf

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Want to display your favourite memories? If so, use a gallery wall shelf and showcase your keepsake and photo frames. This way, you’ll keep stuff organised and styled, giving a stunning look to blank walls. 

In Conclusion

The above-shared wall art ideas for the bedroom can spice up your bedroom space. Even if you have a limited budget, these ideas can still make it up to your bedroom wall and give a touch you have never experienced before. You may decorate it with different photographs and wallpapers, however, these bedroom decors will certainly turn drab space into eye-catching spots. 

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