Wall Mounted Spice Racks – Do I Need One?

wall mounted dish rack

If you need to create more cabinet space or organize the spices in your cabinet than a spice rack may be the kitchen appliance you need. However, when many people come to the conclusion that they need one they discover that there are a ton of kitchen racks to choose from.

In this article I will try to help you determine if a wall mounted spice rack is best for you or another type of rack serves you best. Adding right wall mounted spice racks is one of the best kitchen renovation tips in this year.

As I stated earlier there are quite a few season racks that you can choose from. The way you can determine what type of rack you need is to ask yourself why do I need a spice rack.

If you need a one to create cabinet space and your counter top is completely full than a wall mounted spice rack will work great for you because it doesn’t take up any counter space and it eliminates the clutter in your cabinet.

They can be safely attached to your kitchen wall and always remain visible so it’s easier to determine when you need to restock your favorite spices.

Its visibility also means accessibility. This means that you don’t have to go searching through your cabinet for your favorite spice instead its right in front of you for easy usage. They also help keep your seasons organized when compared to just having your seasons scattered in a cabinet. People that are looking to clear up space and keep their seasons organized a wall mounted rack will work great for them.

Although wall mounted season racks are great consumers have shown that they prefer stationery racks instead. These are also known as rotating or revolving racks. These are what I like to call counter top racks because they are usually placed on your kitchen counter top.

Here are the reasons why people choose this type of racks: there is no installation needed, they are great decorative pieces, and they usually come with a rack full of popular spices.

Unlike the wall mounted spice racks that need to be nailed or drilled to your wall, a rotating rack can be pulled out the box and placed on your kitchen counter top and you’re done. Also when compared to wall mounted disc racks, rotating racks come in more colors which gives a person more options that can match with the decor of their kitchen.

Finally the great advantage that most revolving racks have is that most of them come with a full supply of spices for free.

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