Washing and Cleaning of Blinds is Easy

windows blinds

Most of the homes today in the USA prefer to install the blinds over the curtains and why not because blind offers much more benefits in comparison to the curtains. On the one hand, the curtains are very Huge and bulky and it becomes very difficult to clean them and wash them. On the other hand, it is far easy to take care of the blinds because they are soft and easy to clean. If you have window blinds in your home, therefore, you should be very careful while cleaning the blinds.

What about the drapes?

Just like the blinds, it is also easy to clean the drapes. Drapes are different from the blinds. In order to clean drapes, you need to take care of their lining.  The best way to clean drapes is by using a portable vacuum cleaner. 

The Blind Guyz custom drapes provide the easy techniques for cleaning and washing the blind guys custom drapes offers blinds and drapes that could be easily washed and cleaned. After washing the drapes it is also important to iron the drapes properly so that they look fabulous in the walls.

Soft cleaning of the blinds

Blinds are very sophisticated therefore it is very important that you should take very good care while cleaning the blinds. Sometimes cleaning the inner areas of blinds is a bit difficult therefore it is very important that you. Should either clean the inner side of the blind with a soft cloth or with the help of a vacuum cleaner?

While cleaning the blinds, more important is that you should not try to clean it with a hard cloth or with the detergent. Cleaning blinds directly with the detergent is not recommended until you know the right way of cleaning.

Don’t use water directly

If you are washing the blinds, then take care and don’t throw the water directly in the blinds. Blinds are very soft and throwing water directly on the blinds may damage the blinds. The best way to clean the blinds is through the soft wet cloth.

First clean the dirt from the surface of the blind gently and then clean the blind softly with a cotton cloth.   You could clean the dirt of the blind with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dirt without damaging the surface.

It is always good to use the handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning the blinds. They are very flexible and easy to use. You could use the velvet cloth also for cleaning the blinds and wiping off the dirt from the blind surface.

Don’t remove the blinds

Installing and removing the blinds are always a complex job therefore while you are cleaning the blind make sure that you don’t remove the blind. Removing the blind is not important for cleaning and washing.

You could easily clean and wash the blinds without removing them. There are now available various readymade clothes for washing and cleaning the blinds. There are also various other ways of cleaning the blinds without removing the blinds.

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