Choosing To Waterproof Your Basement

Basement leakage is not a new issue to homes with basements. Below grade spaces, such as basements and crawl spaces, are bound to become wet and leak over time. Water will easily find its way through walls and through the porous concrete, making your basement damp and moist. This makes your basement a breeding ground for mold and mildew that could cause serious health problems to humans and pets living in the home.

Their are many different forms of basement waterproofing. However, most of them fall under one of these four methods:

  • Exterior Excavation
  • Interior Subfloor Drain
  • Interior Baseboard System
  • Negative-Side Sealant

Basement Waterproofing

Innovative solutions have been derived from the various conventional methods of waterproofing to ensure first class services. French drain systems and sump pumps are most commonly used by the various basement waterproofing companies. These French drain systems can also be called interior subfloor drains. They typically provide a passage for the water to drain straight to the sump pump to be pumped away from the home

French Drain Systems

French drain systems are the most effective and simplest of all. By installing a full perimeter French drain in the basement, water can easily be drained to your sump pump system and then pumped away from your home. The most innovative methods of French drain systems are:

  • Below-floor drain
  • Baseboard drain pipe
  • Thin floor drain system
  • IOS Perimeter drain
  • Grated drainage pipe

The installation of each system is different, and each is designed for a variety of foundation types. The contractor will advise you on what type of French drain system suits your basement.

When looking to install a French drain in your home it is important to find a contractor that provides a long-term warranty. Some contractors even include a lifetime warranty. This is assures you that your contractor believes in the product, and will also put your mind at ease.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor – The Skill behind the Solution

The courteous and reliable services from the basement waterproofing contractors are worth mentioning. It is important to hire a certified and licensed contractor. Contractors with certifications and licenses typically will attend an annual convention, as well as many other sessions to keep their knowledge up-to-date. They will also have access to the best and most innovative basement waterproofing products on the market.

Many basement waterproofing contractors provide a free basement waterproofing estimate. This is very beneficial, as you can see what techniques they use, as well as their credibility before putting any money in their pockets.

Checking their Work

It is very important for the contractors remove and mold or mildew before installing waterproofing systems. Drying out the wet basement is also important to discourage the growth of any mold or mildew that is already in the basement. After the job is complete contractors should clean all of their mess and leave it tidy. A good contractor will do a follow up visit to the home to be certain that you are satisfied with their work.

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