The Best Way to Increase Your Storage Space in the Garden

Increase Your Storage Space

It’s a common problem for homeowners; all members of your family have bikes, then there’s the kids’ garden toys, your tools, and other gardening equipment, and additionally, there’s all the stuff your kids bring back from various days out. The result is a garden taken over by your family’s belongings that can’t be stored in the home.  You’re also a proud gardener that doesn’t want a lot of clutter spoiling the hard work you’ve already put into your garden.

The good news is that you can increase your storage space before things get out of hand. This article will show you an easy way to solve this issue.

1. Build a Shed

This is by far the best way to increase your storage space in the garden. The shed will not only provide new storage space for your tools and equipment, as well as your family’s belongings, but it will also add an extra dimension to the look of your garden.

You can build a shed of any size, it just depends on how much extra storage space you think you need. However, most people look for small sheds if they don’t have much room to spare in their gardens. These smaller size sheds are also easier and quicker to build compared to larger ones. Building the perfect shed base is easier than ever when you use a shed base kit.

The best thing about these small sheds is that they do not require professional help.

2. Potting station

If you are constantly running around and about with gardening tools, tools for the kids, spare pots and more, you may want to consider having a potting station in your garden. A potting station is usually a small portable cabinet that keeps all your potting equipment in one area. This has the added benefit of freeing up space in your home or shed.

3. Bike Store

Bikes are a pain to store. They are awkward and get caught up in what’s around them. The solution is to build a small shed for your bikes. Alternatively, there are off-the-shelf storage solutions designed specifically to discretely and safely store several bikes.

4. Furniture Storage

Some garden furniture has storage beneath the seating. This storage is ideal for tucking away picnic sets and blankets that can be used to keep you warm if you are enjoying the night air. Just make sure that anything stored in the base is either waterproof or protected from the elements.

5. Use Screens

Nobody likes seeing bins in a nice garden. Why not screen off the bin area with some fencing? You can then build your container garden to match the fencing setup. The fencing will provide a nice privacy screen as well as add a decorative touch to the overall appearance of your containers.

We hope that these tips have offered some useful guidance for increasing your storage space in the garden. Remember to think of the storage you add as a long-term solution, because if it’s an easy job then you and your family will spend more time out in the garden.

With careful planning and consideration, your garden can be a fun place to be, where everyone wants to take part.

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