5 Ways to Control the Light Around Your Home

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It always feels better to have a home that is light rather than dingy, but if you’re wanting to watch the TV sometimes the glare on the screen can be annoying. It can also be a little irritating if you’re trying to get some shut-eye, but the sunlight or a streetlamp is illuminating the room that you’re trying to sleep in. While you don’t want to completely block out the light in your home, there are things that you can do to help you control it for the times where you would like it to be a little darker.

5 Easy Ways to Control The Light Around Your Home

1. Shutters

Shutters can be a great way for you to have more control of the natural light in your home. They are also very picturesque features to have in a property and will help to boost its curb appeal. London Interior Shutters are a great company that can offer a range of designs to suit your property if you want to explore this as an option.

2. Drapes and Blinds

If you’re not keen on having shutters put up, investing in quality blinds and drapes is the next best thing. These are certainly the easiest option for you to control the light flow in your home and can help with your privacy, too. They can also help to keep rooms more insulated in colder months if the drapes are made from thicker material. If you are interested in getting blinds, black-out blinds are excellent for blocking out the light, and you can even get motorized blinds to make it easier for you to open and close them.

3. Strategically Planted Hedges or Trees

Another option that you can try to reduce some of the light coming into your home is by carefully planting hedges or trees in the right position to block some of the light. You will need to make sure you’re keeping them under control, otherwise they will completely obscure the light and the view from your window. However, these can be great ways to add some shade and make the property’s exterior more presentable.

4. Folding Screens and Room Dividers

These are great for individuals who enjoy vintage styles, but there are more modern designs to choose from, too. Folding screens and room dividers can help you adapt the light flow in any room, as well as creating a little more privacy if you’re getting dressed or working at your desk while someone else is watching TV in the same room and you don’t want to get distracted.

5. Dimmer Switches

If you’re not worried about the natural light in your home but would like your overhead lighting to be softer, the dimmer switches could be an ideal choice for you. Although you can always switch the lightbulbs, it’s better to have a dimming option so that you can have a bright light when you need it, but you can adjust the setting when you want to create a more relaxed atmosphere for watching a movie or entertaining.

If you want to have more control over the light in your home, consider the suggestions above and see which one will suit your budget and your needs the best.

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