6 Ways to Enhance Your Bathroom

bathroom design

If there is one room in a home that deserves a little more attention, it’s the bathroom. As the place where you wash your hair, do your skincare routine, and take long and luxurious bubble baths, you want it to be a relaxing and stress-free environment. That can’t happen with a poor design or tons of clutter. 

Some effort needs to go into the design and upkeep of your bathroom to ensure it’s a room worthy of all the time you spend in it. Here are six great ways to do just that. 

1: Get Rid of Clutter 

Your first step should be to rid your bathroom of any clutter. All those bottles you’ve clung onto over the months and years? It’s time to say goodbye. Be realistic with what you need and use – most people don’t need five different kinds of toothpaste or lotion! Once you have removed all the bottles you don’t need or you can start organizing your storage with bathroom vanity cabinets to hide all this stuff so it will make your bathroom more organised and luxurious.

2: Go for a Stylish Sink

The sink can be overlooked, but it’s an important part of how the bathroom looks. Think about it – it’s where you brush your teeth, wash your face, and check yourself in the mirror before setting off for the day. So, make it a place you love by going for a sleek and stylish sink. There are so many types out there; you could opt for a cool under-mount sink, or you could choose a vessel sink. Ready for a complete bathroom makeover? Try out custom bathroom designs to match your sink to your bath and toilet. Your stylish sink can set the tone for the rest of the room and leave you with a spa-like experience every time.  

3: Replace the Bath Mat and Shower Curtain 

A bathroom’s bath mat and shower curtain quickly grow old, tired, and in need of replacement. While you can wash them, replacing them with a bright new design is a quick and inexpensive way to brighten up your bathroom. 

4: Introduce Greenery 

Plants don’t only belong in your living area and garden. Introduce greenery to your bathroom to liven the space up, giving it a fresher and more relaxing atmosphere. Some plants can even improve the air quality! Try succulents, spider plants, or English ivy for plants that will thrive in warm, damp environments. 

5: Add Accent Lighting 

Have you ever thought about changing the lighting in your bathroom? Now is the time to do so. Lighting can completely alter a room’s mood, with accent lighting working especially well at highlighting a particular area, such as the bath or sink. You could even use accent lighting to highlight the greenery you now have in there!

6: Play with Colour 

For a relaxing and fresh bathroom, think about using earthy colors like creams, greens, and blues. They give off a relaxing feeling and will instantly enhance your bathroom. You can play with colors, though, so get as creative as you’d like. A bathroom designer can always help! 

Use these six ways to enhance your bathroom and enjoy your relaxing, private time there even more.

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