Ways To Make Decluttering Less of A Chore


Getting rid of unwanted items in your home can sometimes be an unbearable chore. For those who are particularly fond of their possessions or have many belongings taking up a lot of space, the very thought of decluttering can be hugely repellent.

However, even these people can learn to enjoy the process of decluttering with a bit of practice and patience. While it’s understandable that taking the time to assess each item in your home and judge whether or not it deserves to remain is a daunting prospect, it is also a necessary part of keeping your home and your mind clear. Here are a few ways you can reduce the stress and boredom of decluttering your home.

Make Decluttering Fun

There are many ways to make the act of decluttering more enjoyable. You could reframe it in your mind as an opportunity to play music you love and reminisce about the past. You could also recruit the assistance of friends or family who might be willing to help, turning the decluttering session into a social gathering. A big part of the reason that decluttering is seen as a chore is the expectation that you won’t have fun. Shift perspective and look for opportunities to enjoy the process rather than dread it.

Choose The Right Time

Speaking of taking the time to declutter, it makes a difference which time you set aside for the job. Although it might seem strange, when you decide to undertake the task of decluttering can have a surprising impact upon how motivated you are to get through it. There are certain times of day, days of the week, and months of the year when decluttering is less tiresome and more enjoyable.

If you choose to declutter your home in spring, for example, you will not only enjoy the brightening weather but also the sense of freshness and rejuvenation that comes with both the season and the act of cleaning your house. There is no point trying to make yourself declutter on your one day off from work and responsibility if it’s only going to make you tired and unhappy. Save this huge task for when you have the time to go at your own pace.

Build Better Habits

Part of decluttering that doesn’t take place during the main event is keeping your home and personal space tidy more often than not. This means building good habits around introducing new items into your space and knowing when to resist or get rid of something. If you are already in the process of purging your home of everything unwanted and unnecessary, this step will come after.

However, if you simply want to prevent the threat of such a huge chore, focus on developing the skill of tidying as you go rather than leaving it all until the last minute. When you are able to maintain a tidy home even as you live in it, you will find that the need to make time for a big decluttering session almost vanishes. Get ahead of the mess and build habits that stop it from catching up to you.

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