Ways to Revamp Your Bathroom

Revamp Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are no longer just a place where we do our business and then leave to carry on with our day. No. The secret has been well known to moms and dads all over that this special room can offer a place of sanctuary from the outside world, even if the outside world is outside your bathroom door.

Lockdown escalated this understanding, and with the spas and salons being closed, people had to find alternatives to relax, rewind and pamper themselves; thus, the bathroom oasis became a well-known phenomenon that everyone, even without children, could embrace and enjoy. Now there is no sign of us going back.

Change Your Bath Panel       

If you are lucky enough to have a bath in your property, then the chances are someone in the house loves a good soak. However, some baths can appear drab on the outside and bring the whole look of the bathroom down, especially if you have made an effort in other areas to design and style it.

If your bath works perfectly well and you do not want to drop some of your hard earnt cash on a bear claw foot bath, we get it, but that does not mean you have to deal with the pale green shade that has plagued your bathroom since you moved in. You can change your bath panel yourself simply and quickly, and if you cannot find one you like, you can even make your own!

Switch Up Those Countertops

Countertops are a focal point of many bathrooms and definitely contribute to the overall look of the bathroom. If you are turning your bathroom into the oasis it deserves to be, then having grubby, ill-fitting countertops will just not do.

Have a think about your budget and about which material and style you would love to see in your bathroom as you walk in, and read the pros and cons of your choices to determine the best countertop for you.

Choices such as quartz countertops offer you a beautiful and hardy material that can last you a lifetime and also do well with factors such as excess moisture, which is ideal for a bathroom.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting makes the world of difference to every room, including your bathroom!

While you might only be used to one ceiling light, rest assured you can get more creative to inspire the different moods you desire with different shades and even lamps!

Just be sure to make sure your lights electrics are far away from any water sources to avoid any fire hazards or disasters.

Alternatively, you can always go the old classic route and light up your bathroom with some stunning candles, which require no installation or large space. Just be sure to put them in a safe area and clear off anything that could catch alight.

Whatever you choose, remember that your bathroom is going to be your oasis, so put your own stamp on it and include whatever helps you relax and unwind the most. 

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