Ways to Solve Window Leak Problems

Window Leak Problems

There are many reasons why a window leak should develop, and probably the most common cause is improper installation. Normally, a properly installed window should not give you much headache, and it could give many years of service with little maintenance in your home improvements

However, a leaking window will allow water and wind to enter your house and building, which could damage your interior. It will also allow heat to escape from the structure, which could definitely raise your energy consumption. So whenever a window leak develops, you better call a professiona repair contractor; and a roof repair company can certainly help you in this area.

Roof repair company not only specializes in fixing roof leak problems. We can also service your window to stop the irritating window leak. You can call our office so that our professional contractors can inspect your windows, assess damage or weaknesses on it, and you will certainly get professional advice and estimates for your window leak repair requirements.

Damaged Caulking

To give you a fair idea about window leak inspection and repair, roof repair contractor will check the surfaces of your window especially the exterior side where it is exposed to the natural elements. Usually if the caulkings of exterior windows are damaged or peeled, it would allow moisture to seep into interior walls and wood panels of windows.

This will be a natural breeding ground for molds which could hasten the deterioration of your windows and walls resulting to window leak. Molds could also pose as sure health hazard for your family. What should be done is to remove the remaining caulking and brush up the frames of windows in order to clean it thoroughly. The exterior surfaces should be caulked anew to waterproof the window surfaces.

Deteriorated Gaskets

For glass windows, the gaskets should also be checked between the window frames and glass. If the gaskets fail or become loose, its water tight integrity is now compromised. Water and moisture will log into the edges of frames and glass and it could seep through the damaged gasket.

If this happens, you will definitely experience a window leak and water can drip from the interior glass panes to the window sill, walls, and floors. Damaged gaskets also allow heat from the house to escape. Roof repair contractors will seal the gasket and glass through application of silicone caulking. This will properly seal the gaskets and should last for a long time.

New Window Replacement

On the other hand, a bigger damage could be causing the window leak. Our window inspectors can determine if the window sill is pitched properly so that it could drain water outside of the home exterior. If damp and soft areas are evident on the interior frames and sash of the window, it could mean that the interior wood panel of the window frames are decayed or have deteriorated. In these cases, it would be more practical to replace the whole window to permanently stop window leak rather than repair damaged caulking, gaskets, or waterproofing materials.

In fact, most home owners find new window replacement easier to maintain and more cost efficient and economical. New replacement windows are usually double glazed so that it could also serve as storm windows. It is also best to have a window frame that is coated with vinyl or have aluminum over coatings in order to do away with constant repainting.

A window leak is a problem that needs fast solutions and roof repair company can provide professional solutions to your window problems.

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