5 Ways to Use Removable Wallpaper

removable wallpaper

Brainstorming for your next DIY project? If you’ve never tried using removable wallpapers before, this might be a good time to finally use one!

There are a lot of ways that you can take advantage of the gorgeous designs of removable wallpapers.

In this piece, we’re going to teach you how you can makeover different parts of your house and give it a breath of fresh air with a few rolls of wallpaper!

Below are 5 ways to use removable wallpaper:

1. Create a feature wall

While covering all four walls of the room with wallpaper is one of the most common uses of this product, most DIY enthusiasts buy removable wallpapers specifically for their feature walls.

Feature walls are a great way to add character to any space. The trick here is to make a single wall stand out. And the best thing to do to achieve it is by putting a roll of removable wallpaper on it.

While you can also just paint the wall, going for a peel and stick wallpaper is still the better option.

It gives you the freedom to change things up occasionally without worrying about the mess and the damage you could potentially do to the wall.  

If the time comes that you want a new design again, just peel the removable paper from the wall and stick a new one!

2. Make your backsplash interesting

You know that a home is well-designed and well-thought-of if you see a gorgeous backsplash in the kitchen. While it’s just a relatively small feature in a house, there’s no denying that it can elevate the look and feel of your kitchen.

And one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do it is by simply designing it with a removable wallpaper!

Whatever material you desire for your backsplash, you can achieve it with the different wallpaper designs available. Designs range from layered bricks, timbers, cement, marble, granite, and more!

3. Update your ceiling

When it comes to decorating a space, ceilings are probably one of the most neglected areas. Maybe it’s because ceilings normally work well with just a plain white colour.

But if you’re the type of person who loves to try new things out for the sake of creativity, you can certainly update your ceiling with removable wallpaper.

With the right wallpaper design, you can transform your boring ceiling into your own version of the Sistine Chapel and other famous buildings known for their gorgeous ceilings!

4. Add a splash of life behind doors

After designing your walls and ceilings, we’re sure there’ll be leftover removable paper. We advise that you don’t throw them away because you can still use them!

The best way to use them is by sticking them onto smaller surfaces like the back of the doors of your closet, cupboards, or even drawers!

While they’re hidden behind closed doors, it’s still a fun way to spice up your space!

Imagine getting a mug from your kitchen drawers and seeing the gorgeous design of the wallpaper. It’s subtle, but it can certainly make an impact.

5. Spice up the awkward spaces

Awkward nooks are inevitable in any home. Especially if you’re just renting one.

Instead of neglecting them or covering them up with furniture, you can spice them up with removable wallpaper as well!

Whether it’s a slim wall, a column, or the triangle-shaped wall on the side of the staircase, you can make them more interesting by just sticking a roll of wallpaper on them!

It will not only cover up the awkwardness of the space, but it can also tie the whole room together!

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