What a Professional Masonry Company Can Offer You

Masonry is a specialized field. Working with stones and bricks requires a good deal of training, experience, and equipment, so it’s always best for homeowners to enlist the help of a masonry service when they need to repair or construct stone walls, patios, walkways, chimneys, and other architectural or landscaping features. Read on to find out what a professional masonry company can do to help its clients.

Chimney Construction and Repair

Brick and stone chimneys serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, which is why homeowners should only entrust chimney work to high quality masonry services. Trained masons know how to build chimneys that will look great, hold up to inclement weather, and deal with heat without incurring damage. If a home’s existing chimney is damaged, homeowners can trust a mason to repair it quickly and efficiently.

Hardscaping Services

Retaining walls, walkways, and patios can all add visual appeal to properties while simultaneously increasing accessibility. The best way to ensure the longevity of a new hardscaping feature is to work with a masonry company that has experience with constructing retaining walls and stone facades. Whether they want to build an outdoor kitchen or just need a few walkways put in to increase accessibility to their gardens and keep out weeds, homeowners should find masonry services that can work with both brick and natural stone.

Paver Driveways

A stone paver driveway offers all kinds of advantages over its alternatives. Like asphalt and concrete, it will provide homeowners and their guests with a safe place to park, but stone pavers look much nicer than concrete or asphalt. They’re also more durable than gravel, which migrates overtime when homeowners use it to finish their driveways.

Custom Flooring

Stone floors look beautiful in traditional and modern homes alike. They’re also durable, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly, but they need to be installed by trained professionals. Ordinary flooring contractors rarely install custom stone floors, as it requires specialized knowledge and tools, but masonry contractors are more than capable of performing this kind of work.

Facade Restoration

Stone facades offer a perfect complement to historic and traditionally themed buildings. While the stones themselves are durable, the mortar that holds them together degrades over time. This can leave property owners with stone facades dealing with all kinds of problems and will eventually damage the structural integrity of their walls, so it’s a good idea to call a mason as soon as homeowners notice their mortar beginning to crumble or even change color.

Stucco Repair and Installation

Some masons also work with stucco. They can repair cracks and holes in existing stucco walls or install entirely new walls depending on their clients’ needs. If large patches of stucco have sustained serious damage in the form of large, deep cracks or multiple blisters, homeowners may want to consider having it replaced instead of trying to have it repaired.

The Bottom Line The bottom line is that, if a project requires stone or brickwork, a mason is the right kind of contractor to call. The projects listed above are just a few examples of how masons can help their clients beautify their properties or restore their aging stone and brickwork. As long as the project requires stone walls, pavers, or facades, it’s best to leave repair work and new installations to trained masons.

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