What Do You Need to Consider When Moving Across the Country?


COVID-19 and the rise of remote work have sparked an idea within members of our society that might not have been there before. More people are interested in living away from large cities and have begun migrating to places they never thought possible a few years ago. You can live in the country but still maintain a big city job. You can find a much cheaper home in a less desirable area of the country that will let you live the life of your choosing. These ideas are abundant right now and for good reason. We’re trying to find more peace in our lives and the idea of a cheaper, quieter life is attractive to many.


Recently, I dived into a rabbit hole on the idea of moving across the country and what would go into it. Here’s what I gathered, along with some expert insight to go along with it:

(1) Anything can be shipped, but it will cost you.

I realized that National and International moving is a popular thing and can be completed quite easily if you want to pay for it. Mike Harvey of 1st Move International is the Director of a company that helps people move their entire lives across the world. It’s quite fascinating and you can even get an estimate on the homepage of their website.

People can move their entire lives across the country (or world) and companies will complete the entire process for you.

Infographic Provided By Moving Leads Company, USA Home Listings

(2) Hire cross-country movers – not a local moving company.

Not every moving company is the same. In fact, there are many different types of movers like: local movers, movers who will work across different states, and there are movers who can help you ship things internationally. Every moving style is a little different and you must find the right company for your needs, says Harvey when asked about different moving needs.

“You don’t want to hire a local moving country to help you move across the world. They don’t have the resources and knowledge of what must be done to complete the process successfully for you. It could end up hurting you down the road and you’ll get what you pay for. You must find the appropriate mover for your needs, whether it be across countries or just a few streets away,” says Harvey.

(3) What does the specific state require you to do?

One thing to keep in mind is the different rules in unique cities, states, and countries. Some states may have unique rules about registering your vehicle in that area, your personal taxes, the ability to park moving trucks in different places, and so much more. You must look into the place you are moving and figure out what needs to be done to ensure that you abide by all of their rules.

(4) Moving trucks vs Shipping Containers.

Mike Harvey and 1st Move International use shipping containers to move their clients from one country to the next, and this can also be done when moving within your country. If you are moving everything inside your home and want it done effectively and productively, then a shipping container might be the best option.

Depending on the amount of stuff you are moving, the proposals you’ve received from a variety of moving companies, and how the timelines line up, you’ll have to decide what’s best for you. Moving trucks are the conventional way to move, but shipping containers are a viable option when moving across states.

(5) Change your address as early as possible, because it takes time.

Having your mail, packages, utilities, and more sent to your new address is more crucial when it’s in a completely different state. Do it early and make sure you get everything sent to the right place because it can be a nightmare when you have to deal with these things from a far distance away. I recently moved a few blocks away and was able to stop by my old place to pick up some mail that went to the wrong address. That’s not an option when you are moving far, far away, so get the process started early.

(6) Make sure your closing date and moving date match up.

It’s now more crucial to have all of your dates and times lined up, even though it’s even more difficult. You must make sure that you are out of one place, allow for travel time, and then be prepared to move into your new place in a smart amount of time. The movers will charge you for having to hold your items so you have to make sure you can get in at a reasonable time, but also must allow for proper closing dates. It’s a challenge but see what you can do to make everything line up as nicely as possible.

(7) Think about ‘starting fresh’.

“Every inch is valuable when packing things inside a shipping container or a moving truck, so I can’t stress it enough for movers to try and limit the items they want to keep as much as possible,” said Harvey. “Consider starting fresh if you can in as many places as possible, including with large items like your couches, beds, dressers, and more, because they take up a ton of space.”

This makes sense for any type of move: purge your items and make things as easy as possible on you – and your wallet.

(8) Double-check everything and be organized.

I might be stating the obvious, but I think it’s worth stating. Moving is difficult and going across the country is even more stressful because of the planning that needs to be completed. The only thing you can do to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

Double and triple-check every part of the move and use a notebook to have everything in one place. Don’t underestimate the power of being organized and moving across the country is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row.

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