What is better – Mattress protector or topper?


The ideal mattress is no longer a concept. There is a mattress for every individual needs. Yes, depending on your size, sleeping preferences, weight, and body aches — there is a mattress for everyone. 

But leaving the numerous variants aside, today, let’s just focus on the best mattress for heavy people. In particular, settle the debate of which is better: mattress protector cover and a mattress topper? 

Scroll down to discern what should be your go-to: mattress protector versus mattress topper. 

What is a Mattress Topper?

Think of a mattress topper like a bed over the bed.  

A mattress topper is a top layer that sits on the top of a mattress to provide extra comfort, support, and cushioning. 

And given the extra thickness, many people use it as a mobile mattress. And carry around and lay whenever, wherever they please. 

On a larger picture, a mattress topper is useful in two cases: 

  • Being a firm mattress, it makes out a softer bed 
  • Also, it is the remedy for sagging mattresses, given you do not have to invest much and get a firm mattress in return 

Although firm, many sleepers couldn’t adequately sleep on a firm mattress. And since purchasing a new mattress is expensive, many people go for a topper. At most, the mattress topper makes the bed 20% softer, allowing you to sleep comfortably without investing in a new mattress. 

The cooling 

Additionally, the cooling gel layers on some mattress toppers help you sleep in a better sleep environment, given the cooling gel adjusts the body temperature. 

Reduce motion travel 

And while there are not known for reducing motion travel, meaning you can feel your pattern’s movement even on a mattress topper. Nevertheless, a high-quality mattress topper — and the latex build — can indeed reduce the motion travel, helping you sleep more comfortably by reducing the disturbances caused by your partner’s movement through the night. 


The mattress toppers come in numerous materials, like foams, memory foam, latex. 

Usually, you will find mattress toppers to be memory or polyfoam-based. 

Addressing the materials, you will also have options while choosing the build materials. You can find mattress toppers in wool and cotton variants.

The special ‘egg crate’ variant 

There is also an ‘egg crate’ type of mattress topper. These are made of bumpy nodular foam that looks sort of an egg — onto a padded cover. The benefit of the egg crate mattress toppers is they are more flexible. And thus, they are easy to carry around compared to the foam and memory foam variants. 

Another special: wool or fleece toppers 

Built to reduce the risk of allergies, wool or fleece mattress toppers are also soft and let itchy to what one might imagine. Nevertheless, the wool and fleece mattress toppers sit on the expensive side of the mattress toppers. You could get a new mattress for the same price most of the time. 

Can a mattress topper eliminate the need of purchasing a new mattress? 

The American Sleep Council recommends replacing the old mattress with a new mattress every seven years. So, if your mattress time isn’t expired. If your mattress is in ideal condition, then a mattress topper is a viable option. 

Nevertheless, understand that a mattress topper could only add 20% more comport than to what previously you received via your mattress. 

Ultimately, it is the mattress that delivers 80% of support. So, if you think your mattress is in good condition to deliver that kind of comfort, then a new mattress might not be the option for you. 

However, if you do not mind adding a few extra bucks — a new mattress is the way to go. Especially if you think it is not delivering the right support for you. 

What is a mattress protector?

As the name signifies, a mattress protector protects the mattress. 

They are available in different materials, quality, build — but all of them serve a similar purpose — and that is delivering the utmost protection from stains. Meaning, they protect your mattress from getting dirty. 

Here are some benefits of mattress protectors: 

Waterproofing your mattress 

As mentioned, a mattress is good for seven years. And most of the store warranties don’t last more than a year or two. And that’s where mattress protectors come in. Available in waterproofing materials, mattress protectors keep the damage and potential stains from the mattress. 

Getting rid of allergens

Dust mites and allergens are common in mattresses. Be it a new or old one. There is a good chance that these allergens are working their way to decrease the longevity of the mattress. More importantly, they come with health hazards. But protecting the mattress with a protective layer could get rid of these. 

Mattress protector or Mattress topper — which one do I really need? 

A mattress topper is a way to go if you want to add an extra layer of firmness and enhance the overall coziness of your mattress. Going for a new mattress is the best way if you are purchasing a topper to receive more comfort and firmness. Nevertheless, if you are looking for flexible options to carry around and sleep wherever you want — then a topper could benefit you in many ways. 

On the other hand, a mattress protector is good for people who already have a good mattress and just want to protect it against allergens and add a touch of plushness. 

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