What Is Tadelakt and Why Are People Raving About It?

Some materials are highly sought after and with good reason. You might be familiar with platinum, gold and diamonds, but have never heard of a natural resource called tadelakt, yet it is quickly gathering an army of fans at the same time as changing the face of plastering in the UK. Tadelakt is a lime-based plaster originating from Morocco, specifically the region around Marrakesh. With a speckled appearance, tadelakt is highly regarded as a quality material to both upgrade classic homes and give new builds a desirable finish. The popularity of this resource is only likely to grow as more people become aware of it.

Can I Use Tadelakt in My Home?

Tadelakt is a solid plastering material suitable for using in buildings across a range of architectural styles. Whether your home or business is a Victorian townhouse, a listed Georgian building, or an apartment or flat, tadelakt is a plastering solution. 

Beautiful Bathrooms

Due to its naturally waterproof properties, this mottled material is a perfect choice for using in bathrooms, showers, and wet rooms. It finishes walls and ceilings beautifully and ensures a high-class overall appearance as well as being suitable for angled and curved edges, making it a great alternative to tiling. Although tadelakt has long been used in its native Morocco, the overall effect is both timeless and contemporary, ensuring your bathroom has a stylish, high-end look. It is no wonder this versatile material is causing a stir in architectural and interior design circles.

If you are upgrading your bathroom, tadelakt can help you create a perfect space to indulge and relax. With a distinctive finish and an upmarket look worthy of any show home, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for renovators. 

Perfect Pools and Sumptuous Steam Rooms

Tadelakt is a wonderful choice for finishing swimming pools and steam rooms, having been the choice for traditional hammams for centuries. The natural finish is perfect for creating a warmth that cannot be replicated by tiling and, as tadelakt can be created in a range of colours, your design dreams can come true with this wonderful material. As tadelakt muffles sound, it gives your pool or steam room a relaxing ambience to help you unwind. Not only that, but the smooth finish also makes it easy to clean, giving you more time to enjoy your space.

Luscious Living Spaces

Although tadelakt is most associated with bathrooms and other humid spaces, it is versatile. It is ideal for applying throughout your home, including bedrooms, hallways and dining spaces. It is also a popular choice as a kitchen splashback due to it being so easy to clean.

Naturally luxurious, tadelakt plaster can give your home a whole new look. If you are wanting to add features such as archways and coving, this can be done with tadelakt, making it ideal for a home makeover. Spaces that are flooded with light look particularly spectacular with a tadelakt finish – creating a radiant, bright space for you and your family to enjoy.

Is It Safe to Use in My Home?

Tadelakt is a lime-based material with only natural pigments, making it a safe choice to use in your home. It is also free from chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to other home improvement methods.

Quality Matters

When it comes to quality, tadelakt is one of the best materials available. Not only that, the tradition of using tadelakt requires a specific skillset which only top-class artisans can master, making it something of a rarity in the UK. 

There are few experienced craftsmen who have the skills needed to deliver a quality finish, so be sure to only use an expert who has been trained in tadelakt plastering such as Ian Kozlowski from London based Decor Tadelakt. As well as using top quality materials to ensure you are getting the best possible results, Decor Tadelakt have a dedicated staff team who provide customer service that is second to none. From the first point of contact until project completion you will benefit from the specialist advice and wealth of experience the Decor Tadelakt team have to offer – you and your home will be in safe hands. With colour palettes ranging from deep aubergine to a radiant natural white, they offer a tadelakt colour for all tastes and styles.

If you are upgrading your home, consider using tadelakt. It sure to provide you with a classic look which will be the envy of your friends for many years to come.

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