What to Expect from a Professional Roofing Inspection

Professional Roofing Inspection

A well-made roof offers a level of comfort that is hard to match. No worries about leaks, water damage, or pest infestations.  A good roof will ensure your home holds for years to come. While poor roofing can lead to crumbling structures and costly repairs, a professional roofing expert can check for necessary repairs, so your roof lasts for years.  

Hiring an inspector isn’t only for emergencies. In fact, you should do annual roof checkups to take a preventive approach to roof damage. A professional inspector can determine any damage caused by extreme weather or prepare your roof for a season of extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and snowstorms. You may also need to inspect if you are looking to sell your home or as part of a requirement by an insurance company. Continue reading below to get a full breakdown of what to expect from a professional roof inspector, like unified roofing

When and how to have a professional roofing inspection:

Roof inspections should ideally be done once a year in early fall or early spring to help you detect problems early. It can also be a necessary process when purchasing a home, so you don’t buy any issues. Professional roofing costs range from 75 to 800$, depending on your roof’s size, design, and material. 

The professionals from unified rooming services will climb up on your roof to perform the inspection and help form the conclusion. Another way of doing the check is through drones. This is most common when the risk of climbing on the roof is too high. The last way to perform the review is by using infrared technology. This will help you see damages that are not visible to the human eye. 

Components of a roof inspection:

Structural inspection: this will provide an overall assessment of the structure supporting the roof. The unified roofing inspector will check for any signs of sagging and uneven roof planes. 

Material inspection: The focus is on the roofing material to ensure no loose or missing roof materials during this inspection. Signs of damage and deterioration are checked for. 

Interior inspection: this is where the inspector will look inside your home to check for signs of leaks and see if and where the damage has extended in your home. 

Workmanship inspection: the final bit deals with any installation issues that may have caused the roof to be weakened, such as incorrect flashing in roofing penetrations. These may vary from the vent pipes, the skylights, and the chimney. 

Roofing inspections take at most an hour to complete. 


You can do a basic roof inspection as a homeowner with your binoculars or by climbing the roof and looking at where leaks are getting into the house. However, it is always best to seek the opinion of a professional roof inspection company to get a full scope of the damages. A company such as unified roofing will also give you the best way to move forward in repairing your roof.

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