Keeping it All Together: Why Chimney Leak Repair Should Be a Concern


At one point or another, all chimneys will end up leaky. The most notorious culprit of this headache-inducing problem is the sheet metal flashings. If you want to know if your chimney is already leaking or about to leak, simply look up.

Right there on your ceiling would be visible marks of water stains which are enough evidence to show that there something has gone awry in your chimney. If such water spots or stains are present, chances are your chimney flashings have developed some rust, is falling out piece-by-piece, totally covered in roofing tar or even missing.

All these instances should already prompt you to install new chimney flashings on your roof, and you want to get this job over and done with in the soonest possible time. The reason? Chimney flashings that are in great condition will do a lot to extend the life of your roof for around twenty-five to forty years longer!

Great! But How Does it Do That?

As previously mentioned, chimney flashing is important because it can extend the life of your roof. Made out of tough and sturdy copper or aluminum, it seals the joints located between the chimney and the roof, protecting it against leaks from the rain or even melting snow. If your chimney flashing is installed properly, it can also help accommodate the slight movement that happens between the chimney and your roof.

chimney flashing can help prevent nails in step flashing from being exposed, protect roof shingles around your chimney, lessen the incidence of cracked mortars and a whole lot more. Without your chimney flashing installed properly, you might end up having to place buckets around your house to catch potential leaks that can happen anytime it rains.

Got a Problem? No Problem!

It is quite difficult to install chimney flashing, and would definitely require a team of professionals that is skilled in such a task. Luckily, the experts can do the job without a hitch. As the most highly recommended roof repair experts in Northern Virginia, this company can tackle any roof problem whether big or small. Chimney flashing is a roof job that some experts are good at and can perform in the most efficient time.

Gets the Job Done Roofing Experts

The roofing home improvement experts will install your chimney flashing underneath your roof shingles, with one side resting on your chimney and the other resting on your roof. To ensure that the chimney flashing is installed properly, the flashings are covered with counter flashing and installed at a ninety-degree angle which will allow the piece to fit appropriately with nary a loose edge.

The roof experts are very mindful of proper counter flashing installation, so they make sure to ground out a groove on the brick chimney where the metal parts will fit perfectly, running all the way down the chimney and overlapping on the chimney flashings themselves. This counter chimney flashing is very important because without it, your chimney will break its seals every time there is movement between it and the roof and will end up having little cracks where leak can run through the inside of your ceiling.

How The Chimney Leak Repair Experts Work

chimney flashing has several parts, both in its makeup and its installation. The first part is the base flashing. This part is installed on the chimney’s lower vertical face. The purpose of the base flashing is to cover the front of the chimney and wrap all around its sides as a form of protection.

Following the base flashing is the step flashing, which is bent in such a way that it runs along the sides of the chimney. The roof repair experts cover the step flashing with a cap. This cap or counter flashing is set in the joints of the chimney’s mortar and layered on top of the step flashing.

Similar to a coating technique done layer by later, the different parts or layers of the chimney flashing cover the chimney and adds provisions for movement while keeping leak-inducing elements at bay.  For in depth information about chimneys, please visit National Association of Chimney Engineers who work for your safety.

Getting in Touch With the Experts

With more than thirty-five years of experience in roof repair and other related services, roofing experts can attend to any roof problem you have. Experts cater to homeowners and their corresponding associations, real estate brokers, contractors and builders alike.

Roof troubleshooting is only a call away, and you can be sure that a personnel is at your doorstep in the soonest possible time. Guarantees are also given to preserve your piece of mind. Your next wisest move is to get in touch witth home improvement experts for a FREE consultation.

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