7 Reasons Why Deck Mount Freestanding Tubs Are Worth The Hype

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Bathtubs have been around since the 1800s, and they do not seem to be going anywhere soon. The size of the bathtub market is estimated to reach $8.9 billion by 2027. That is a significant increase from the recorded value of $7.6 billion in 2019.

You must be asking yourself why the market is growing. The best answer to this question would be the benefits that bathtubs offer. From a real estate point of view, a bathtub increases the resale value of a house. Also, people are more attracted to properties with bathtubs. Bathtubs are also popular among families with kids and pets because they make bath time easier.

People also consider the health benefits of bathtubs. A bath can improve blood circulation, reduce arthritis and muscle pain, and help reduce stress levels. Do not forget how thrilling it is to unwind in a tub after a long day at work or school. 

Freestanding Bathtubs: What are They?

Freestanding bathtubs are tubs that can stand alone, and they’ve been here for ages! Today, modern freestanding tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You also have multiple designs to pick from. Some get a contemporary or modern freestanding tub, while others go for the farmhouse tubs.

You could also base your choice of the freestanding bathtub on the material used to make it. You can pick among porcelain-enameled tubs, acrylic tubs, fiberglass tubs, and cast iron. There is a seemingly endless pool to choose from when it comes to tubs. However, consider getting deck-mount freestanding tubs for your home.

Why Deck Mount Tubs are Gaining Popularity

Deck-mounted freestanding tubs have been gaining popularity in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is because of the comfort they provide. The tubs give you a relaxing bathing experience and add a unique and modern aesthetic to a bathroom. So, what sets deck-mounted tubs apart from all the other tubs?

A deck-mount freestanding tub is a type of bathtub that sits on the floor and is not attached to any walls or surfaces. The tubs may come with or without legs for support, depending on your preference. What sticks out for deck-mounted tubs is the position of the faucets. The faucets are mounted on the surface of the tub.

The deck mount design is great because it allows for greater flexibility in terms of placement. You can move the tub around in your bathroom, and you also get to make a statement. This is because they often stick out compared to other bathtubs.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or building a new one, a deck-mount freestanding tub is a good investment. This modern freestanding tub is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. So, let us look at why you should get a deck-mount freestanding tub.

1. They are Durable

The freestanding bathtubs are made from high-quality materials such as acrylic, fiberglass, or cast iron. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to cracking, chipping, and discoloration.

Acrylic tubs are known for their resistance to staining and discoloration. These attributes also make acrylic tubs easy to clean and maintain. Cast iron tubs, on the other hand, are very durable and resistant to cracking and chipping. This is because of the enamel coating they get. On the downside, these tubs are heavy and require more maintenance.

Another factor that contributes to the durability of deck-mounted freestanding tubs is proper installation. When installed correctly, freestanding bathtubs are less likely to shift or move, reducing the likelihood of cracking or chipping.

During installation, it is crucial to ensure that the tub is level. You also need to ensure the floor has reinforcements to support the weight of the tub and water.

2. Flexibility

The deck-mounted freestanding tub gives you flexibility in terms of placement. Unlike an alcove tub that has to be placed against bathroom walls, you can place these tubs anywhere. You can even place the tub in the middle of the room. There are no restrictions on what is possible with freestanding tubs.

These tubs also offer flexibility in the location of the drain. The tubs have no fixed point for the location of the drain. You will find some tubs with the drain in the center and some at the end. This flexibility in design makes them suitable for different types of bathroom configurations.

3. The Ease of Installation

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Freestanding bathtubs are easier to install when compared to built-in tubs. In-built tubs require sealing, mounting, and creating a surround. This often includes installing tiles on an edge away from the wall. 

On the other hand, with freestanding tubs, you only have to worry about ensuring that the ground is level and getting your plumbing right. Since the tub can be placed anywhere, you need to ensure you get the water supply to the tub. You also have to factor in your drainage system.

Mounting the faucets and hand shower is easy, and you can do it yourself. However, if you have no experience doing installations, it is better to call in the professionals. Paying a professional to do the work will save you time and money.  

4. They Improve the Aesthetics of Your Bathroom

Deck-mounted freestanding tubs are a popular choice for adding a unique and modern aesthetic to a bathroom. This is because these tubs are designed to be a focal point in the room. They come in a variety of shapes and designs that can be incorporated into a variety of bathroom designs.

One of the key advantages of deck-mount freestanding tubs is their ability to create a sense of spaciousness in a bathroom. In the real sense, they consume more room compared to alcove tubs. However, deck-mount freestanding tubs create the visual illusion of spaciousness since they leave a lot of room.

The illusion also makes them ideal for small or cramped bathrooms. Freestanding tubs can also add a modern aesthetic to a bathroom. This stems from their sleek and minimalist design. Many of these tubs have clean lines and simple shapes. This look can create a modern, minimalist look in a bathroom. 

Additionally, some freestanding bathtubs have unique and modern design features. You can get tubs with asymmetrical shapes or unusual angles. These are perfect if you want to add a sense of drama and sophistication to a bathroom.

5. Provides Versatility

Deck-mount freestanding tubs often go with a variety of bathroom designs. For example, the tubs can be installed in a traditional or farmhouse-style bathroom. Normally, your go-to tub would be farmhouse tubs, but you can change things up. A deck-mounted tub would add a touch of modern elegance to such a scenario. 

In other instances, you can put the tub in a contemporary or minimalist bathroom to create a sleek and sophisticated look. It is also worth noting that deck-mount freestanding tubs can create a sense of luxury and relaxation in a bathroom.

The luxurious look makes them a popular choice for master bathrooms or spa-like bathrooms. Therefore, you can easily make your bathroom feel and look like a spa with one tub. The best part about it is that it will barely break the bank.

6. Convenience

 At the end of the day, you want something that meets all your needs. The deck-mount freestanding tub allows for the installation of a handheld shower along with other health benefits. You cannot compare this to a standing shower, but it comes in handy. You can use it to rinse and wash your hair. In other instances, you can use it on your pet or even clean the tub itself.

Some deck-mounted freestanding tub designs are made with accessibility in mind. This is to cater to seniors and people with disabilities or limited mobility. These designs may include built-in seats or a low-threshold design. This increases the number of people who can enjoy the benefits that come with bathtubs.

7. Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining a freestanding bathtub is easy, and there is not much to worry about. You only need to clean and sanitize the tub regularly. Also, as you clean, avoid using abrasive cleaning products or scrubbers that could cause scratches or damage. This would ruin the aesthetic appeal of the tub.

Additionally, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions. The instructions may include recommendations for specific cleaning products or sealants. This will ensure you keep your tub clean and in the best condition


Bathtubs have been popular for a while, and if you have the option, you should get one. Bathtubs offer a range of benefits, including improving your health and relieving stress. If you are thinking of selling your home, bathtubs will increase your chances of getting a buyer and may also increase the value of your home. 

Given that there are so many types and designs of tubs to pick from, you should consider getting a deck-mount freestanding tub. These tubs come with many benefits, including easy maintenance, easy installation, and durability. These tubs also improve the aesthetic design of your bathroom while maintaining their functionality

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