Why Does Everybody Love Timer?

With the sun shining bright and that spring breeze running through your hair the excitement starts to build for the summer ahead. What better way to kickstart your summer than with a freshly completed home improvement project.

When you think home improvement, what is the first idea that comes to mind? A stunning decking or a simple garden bench. Whatever your idea of home improvements maybe it most likely involves some sort of woodwork.

Timber is simply the best material to work with regardless of the project you have in mind. In this article, we will be breaking down key reasons you should use timber for your next project.

Highly Versatile Material For DIY

Timber is notoriously versatile. Throughout the UK we have been using timber for many years as a result of it being extremely light yet exceptionally strong. Not only does this material boast all the properties you will be looking for in your DIY project but it is also a very easy material to work with. Regardless of how much experience you may have with woodwork timber should definitely be considered as an option you should.

One of the best things about working with timber is that it requires very little work to get it into the desired shape. Allowing you to take on the most complexed DIY project with the most simple equipment. Woodwork enthusiasts throughout the UK absolutely love using timber for their projects, is it time you find out why?

Amazing for outdoor use. Not only is this material perfectly suited for inside the home it can also be used in your garden as well. Being one of the most durable types of wood on the market, you can trust this material to last many years of the British weather with very little wear and tear to show. Certain timber suppliers can also provide you with treated timber, helping the material to withstand the weather while retaining that vibrant look that you desire.

That Beautiful Finish Every Time

If you’re still wondering why everyone loves timber, here is the simple answer. It’s truly stunning. The rich aesthetics that these material offers are truly unmatched. Yes, there is a whole range of other woods options out there that look similar but none look like timber. When you think of a wooden deck or a wooden shelf the first image that comes to mind is timber. Some of the most popular furniture brands in the world use this within all of their products.

With summer knocking on our doors its likely that your next home improvement project will live in the garden. Why wouldn’t it? The best part of using timber within the garden as it helps lighten up the entire garden giving it a sense of freshness that it needs. When the sun illuminates the timber it greats that natural glow that we all know and love. Anyone who has used timber within the garden in the past will understand the layer of emergence that this material adds.

Burning Late Into The Summers Evening

Not everyone will have the tools and skills required to craft lovely garden furniture that can be enjoyed all summer long. That’s fair enough, but luckily timber offers something for everyone. Perfect for DIY but also amazing for staying warm this material is a highly cost-effective option for firewood. It can be found in nearly every timber merchant and creates that wonderful crackle that we all expect a toasty outdoor fire. If you are looking for firewood in Northumberland there are a range of reputable timber merchants within the area who offer quality firewood which is priced competitively.

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