Art For The Modern-Traditional Home: Why Is Copper Art Growing More Popular?

copper art

Deciding on the right art for your home can be a chore, especially with the amount of choice that is out there. You want something personal – but you want something suitable for the home, too, something that will feel natural within the space you have created and actively compliment the theme and design you have gone for.

For modern-traditional homes, this has been predominantly found with copper art. Although it has been around for centuries, copper art is beginning to grow even more popular, giving a rustic feel to traditional homes but also managing to complement the sleek and simple nature that comes with modernism. 

The History Of Copper Art

Thousands of years ago, Egyptians started using materials that contained deposits of copper for their own designs. These materials included azurite, cuprite and malachite, and they were utilised to create stunning sculptures in a way that is still being done today – the statue of liberty, for instance, is made of 160,000 pounds of copper. 

One of the best things about copper – as far as artists are concerned – is its malleable nature that allows the artist to leave permanent markings without using too much pressure. Copper is far more of a blank canvas than other materials, giving artists the leeway to venture far into their imagination and come up with something beautiful.

Copper In Home Design

It’s easy to see copper’s influence in home design. Today, it can be found as mirrors, doorknobs, kitchen hoods and even window shutters and planters. 

As mentioned previously, however, it is also becoming far more common to find copper as a piece of home art, so much so that many popular home decor sites are taking advantage. Looking at the Israeli Centre of Judaica, for instance – this is a website which has a whole section dedicated to copper art, depicting beautiful aspects of the culture within a sleek and unique copper design which would work within any home.  

Copper For The Modern-Traditional Home

Modern-traditional homes are all about simplicity, practicality and warmth. This is especially important when looking at the more modernist side of this design movement. It can be very easy for modern spaces to feel a little clinical and cold, especially when it comes to kitchens.

 Copper artwork can help to alleviate that symptom, injecting a sense of warmth into previously cold spaces. A good visual example of this would be the autumn season. This season is distinguished by orange, red and brown colours that radiate a feeling of comfort when the air starts to get a little sharper. Copper does the same for the modern side of homes, fighting off the cold feel and adding a bit of that cinnamon spice!

In terms of the traditional aspect, copper is renowned for an industrial, rustic look that is perfect to lift traditionalist spaces. It is muted, unlike silver or gold, but it still manages to shine and add that glossy feeling to the home without being too bold. No matter which form of copper art you choose, it can help to bring the home together in a way that is both modern, traditional, warm and beautiful. 

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