4 Essential Reasons Why You Should Consider Community Living

community living

Preferences regarding living arrangements have changed greatly in recent years, with far fewer people than in the past being satisfied with monotonous suburbs. That shift has driven many back to cities that had started to empty out, but there is an alternative that is becoming even more popular.

Master-planned developments that are designed to encourage feelings of community are attracting more and more newcomers each year. There are at least four distinct reasons why you should consider joining such a community.

Working Toward a Better, More Rewarding Way to Live

Even people with strong connections to family members and plenty of close friends can feel isolated from time to time. Companies like Metro Places have met with great success by creating community-oriented developments that fill in such gaps.

The first community living developments aimed at serving older people and a steadily aging population will secure places for them far into the future. More and more often, though, people at earlier stages of life are opting to join broadly similar sorts of communities themselves. There are four reasons which combine to account for much of the appeal of community living among people of all ages and backgrounds:


While some people enjoy feeling rootless, most prefer having a sense of connection to their surroundings. Conventional suburbs and densely developed cities can be lonely places where feelings of connectedness are difficult to come by. Developments that have been designed to foster feelings of belonging have produced an impressive collective record of succeeding.

That first became clear among community living developments that were created to serve older people. The lessons learned in that setting, though, have been translated effectively to people of all age groups and situations. Joining an established, intentional community, instead of merely moving into a house or an apartment, virtually ensures rewarding feelings of connectedness.


When developers focus mostly on simply selling homes or renting out apartments, they tend to remain solely at that level. That might make for individually desirable houses or units, but it almost always leaves them stranded in barren, uninteresting spaces.

No one would ever see a cookie-cutter suburban subdivision as appealing on an overall level, even if particular homes within it are attractive on their own. Developers who focus on supporting community living, though, are naturally encouraged to think about how to maximize the quality of shared spaces and environmental details. That contributes to an overall atmosphere which makes such communities feel vibrant and welcoming instead of sterile and humdrum.


Investments that could never be justified for individuals can easily make perfect sense for entire communities. It might cost a great deal of money to run gigabit-level networking infrastructure to a single home, but the same amount of spending could seem paltry if a whole community would be served.

The best community living developments inevitably feature plenty of amenities that make being part of them feel special and rewarding. That those facilities and features are more likely to see use than at the average apartment complex makes the required investments even more reasonable.


Above all else, being part of a strong community translates into feelings of wellbeing in just about every case. Once again, this was first observed most directly among retired people but is by no means confined to them. People who are part of communities tend to navigate life’s hazards more securely and feel better about the journey.

The Living Arrangement of the Future

For these four reasons and related ones, more and more people are choosing community living over the alternatives. Instead of viewing a home, condominium, or apartment as merely a place to rest up and get ready for the day ahead, more are looking at living spaces as the center of it all. That take on how best to live is one that many believe will become the norm soon.

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