Why You Should Invest in a Front Door

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Your front door can often be a vital part of your door that is neglected over the years. If you haven’t upgraded your door over the last few years and your door is made of older style materials – your door is at risk of a number of issues, from breakages and having to be replaced to being at risk from intruders! There are a number of reasons that you should invest in impact glass front doors. so read on to find out more!

This article is written by Capital UPVC, one of the leading providers and installers of UPVC Doors in Cardiff.

Increasing the Security of Your Home

The front of your home is often the first area of attack from would-be intruders. They will either scope out the front or any side entries and then plan an attack. If there looks to be security or a solid door installed at the front of the property – this can even deter burglars from even attempting to enter the property. Strong front doors such as UPVC doors and composite doors are installed with complex security systems as standard, and attacks from weapons such as crowbars and axes that are usually used to force entry are negated by the material. Composite is so strong as a material that you will find that axes simply bounce off them.

Timber is Not Recommended as an Exterior Material

Timber is susceptible to damage such as rotting, being eaten by pests or just simple wear and tear from the door being operated over a number of years. Warping around the locks of the door can also cause issues as the locking mechanism is useless if it can be prised apart or broken open. Timber was used extensively as a building material because of its aesthetic and because it offered reduced installation costs. Timber is widely regarded as an inferior material and product to composite and UPVC materials. These materials are recycled, they cannot rot and they are impervious to the elements.

Maintenance of a UPVC Door is Easy!

We highly recommend that you opt to instal a UPVC or composite door if you are upgrading your front door. Apart from the benefits that we have already mentioned, it’s very easy to maintain these types of front door. You can use soap or a specifically designed UPVC cleaning liquid and a cloth and wipe the material and it will look good as new.

Advanced Security Systems

Modern front doors have highly advanced security systems. Some advanced burglars or organised criminals would use additional methods such as blowtorches in the past to be able to penetrate a UPVC door system lock by melting the material in order to infiltrate the door. There are now modern systems that are built to defend against all risk and are practically impossible to breach until the intruder has altered the entire neighbourhood. The safety of your family is likely one of the most important things about your home and these front doors couple up perfectly with modern security systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms. Many doors come equipped with 10 year guarantees on the security system because of their effectiveness.

Enjoy the Look of Timber Without the Drawbacks

Many like the traditional style of timber but the drawbacks of the material simply isn’t worth it. UPVC is a great material as well as composite material as you are able to colour match your door to any colour on the palette wheel. This means that you can emulate the style and look of timber without having to worry about rot, ageing or your door being vulnerable to intruders. 

We highly recommend you think about investing in a new front door today if you haven’t done so already!

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