Will a Swimming Pool Increase Your Home’s Value?

As a homeowner, there are things you’ll need to have and other features you’ll merely want. For instance, you need a furnace to heat your house in the winter. You might want a swimming pool, but do you need one?

In this article, we’ll discuss swimming pools and whether installing one will add to a home’s value. You can find plenty of pool companies that will be willing to install one on your property, but it’s worth discussing whether this addition is worth it before you proceed. 

Kinds of Pools

Before discussing whether a pool will increase your home’s value, we should review the two types of pools. Any pool will fall into one of two categories. Those are the in-ground and above-ground varieties.

An in-ground pool requires digging up your property so the builders can install the pool below ground level. This means some excavation, and it’s usually the more expensive option. 

An above-ground pool is one that often comes pre-assembled. You can simply place it in your backyard or anywhere else on your property. No digging is required, and the pool is much more portable. It’s also almost always cheaper. 

Is a Swimming Pool Guaranteed to Increase Your Home’s Value?

Now, let’s discuss what installing a pool does for your home’s value. The answer to the question of whether your house’s value will rise because you’ve installed a pool is that it sometimes can, but it’s by no means guaranteed.

You can refer back to what we mentioned at the beginning of this article about what house features are crucial and which aren’t. Something like a brand-new furnace will likely increase your home’s value because home buyers will understand that it needs to be there.

A pool, on the other hand, is a nice thing to have, but no home buyer would describe it as necessary. It is a luxury item, and you can get along without one. 

Take Pool Maintenance Into Consideration

When you install a pool, whether it’s the cheaper above-ground variety or the more expensive in-ground one, you must maintain it. Pool maintenance is not the most costly thing in the world, but it does require at least some ongoing financial outlay. 

Someone who’s looking at buying your house if you put it on the market might grumble about the cost of having to maintain the pool. When you look at it that way, you’ll see that having a pool on your property might be an impediment to someone buying it rather than an incentive.

Installing a Pool Seldom Raises Your Home’s Value

Having a pool can be nice, especially if you live somewhere that’s extremely hot in the summer or even all year long. It’s not likely to raise your home’s value, though. 

Because of this, if you want a pool, you might consider getting an above-ground one rather than an in-ground model. This way, you can easily remove the pool if it seems as though it’s hurting your chances of selling the home. 

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