Window Clings vs. Window Decals

Window Clings vs. Window Decals

Window clings and window decals; both have the same purpose—advertising. Whether you want to advertise a new product or an achievement, these banners are the best option.

Business owners use both clings and decals to change the appearance of their retail stores. Whether for seasonal or short time sales, these products that stick to windows are the most helpful.

Window clings and decals are eye-catching and attract customers.

Which one should you choose for your storefront? You also have to keep your budget in mind. Let’s find out.

Window Decals

Decals are stickers that can be stuck on windows. They last for a long time because they are made of vinyl. They can stick beautifully to glass, metal, wood and plastic.

Window Decals

Using Window Decals

You can use window decals to display signs. Sales signs displayed outside retail stores help attract customers more. Connect with your customers. Unless you put out information to them, they have no idea about your products.

Vinyl window decals are the best option for those retail stores that want to display information for a long time. Decals can be presented outside the storefront without the fear of damage. They have long life spans irrespective of where you place them. They can bear the elements quite well.

You can even put quirky decals on your windows to add personality to your store. Glass decals are the best way to connect with your customers and tell them about your store.

Removing Window Decals

If you want to remove them, just heat the adhesive that sticks the decal to the surface. It’ll simply peel off. What’s more, decals do not leave behind any marks on the surface.

Although window decals aren’t reusable, they are still the more popular mode of advertising because of the ease of procurement. They are easy to make and use.

Decals are for long term use owing to the single time use factor. However, they are cheaper than other methods of advertising.

Window Clings

Window clings are made of plastic film. They are huge signs that can be stuck to the front windows of the store. They stick by static electricity. Window clings are useful to hang on metal and plastic surfaces. Their usual life span is up to 6 months.

Using Window Clings

Just like window decals, you may use window clings to advertise your store products and attract customers.

The biggest advantage of using clings is that they are reusable because they are made of durable plastic. They stick on the surface because of static electricity and hence don’t need to be stuck anywhere. There is minimal mess.

You can move the cling around the store as you wish. They are very easy to adjust and use. Since clings are adjustable, you don’t need to worry about wrong placement.

However, there are also some cons of using clings. Since clings are lightweight, they need to only be used indoors.

If you have tinted windows, you can’t use them in the front windows for advertisements. They get spoiled very quickly. Clings do not use any adhesive to stick. The static electricity may wear out after some time and the cling may lose the ability to stick to surfaces earlier than you thought.

Temperature is another factor that makes window clings difficult to use. The windows outside are susceptible to the elements and clings don’t tolerate extreme temperatures well.

The Bottom Line

After all this information, which one do you use – window cling or window decal? It’s quite simple. Just look at the placement, duration and surface you want to place the banner at, and you’re good to go.

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