Yoga Inspired Interior Design: Working From Home Tips

Anyone who enjoys yoga will understand how important ones environment can be, and how impactful it can be on your wellbeing as if provides a clear space for mindfulness. Yoga cleanses the mind and opens it to new thoughts, leading to higher productivity and a huge reduction of ‘mind fog’.

Our home environment is becoming increasingly impactful on our wellbeing, being stuck in your home for long periods of time will make you dependent on its comfort and serenity. So why wouldn’t you make your living space representative of the clarity and peace yoga provides? Here are 5 yoga inspired tips to help with your interior design.


Not meaning going full minimalist where you keep only the bare minimum, but instead to stop hoarding and crowding your house with furniture and unnecessary décor that will close the space in your home, making it seem packed and congested. First thing’s first, clear out.

Keeping your home minimalistic will give you a great space to sit and think, keeping crucial items and furniture in each room will open it up. A clear thinking space provides you with a great place to do yoga but also leaves you with a clear and fresh new environment that will pair up well with your yoga inspired clarity.

Inspirational environment

Different things inspire different people, especially when it comes to mindfulness! Some people rely on visual stimuli such as art, keeping inspirational paintings and art work around your home can be a great way to regulate your wellbeing, giving you an opportunity to lose yourself in thought and really experience mindfulness.

Photography and your own artwork can be a great way to  personalise a space- the ultimate inspiration. Use images and create pieces that inspire you and make you feel good, rather than a blank wall. Other people rely on physical stimuli, a soft fluffy carpet can be a great aid in mindfulness, allowing you to escape from the room.


Sound is a well known and inspiring way to connect you to your mind during a yoga session, from white noise to animal sounds, or even calm music. However this yoga technique isn’t limited to when youre doing yoga, often when you are just doing small tasks around the house, having this calming inspirational noise can provide a sense of peace and serenity that you get from yoga.

This doesn’t just mean taped sounds, but also to open up doors and windows to allow the natural sounds of the wind and the birds to enter your home and to hopefully provide you with the same serenity as the taped sounds.

Posture for the Working Environment

With a lot of people working from home and having to sit at their desks a lot of the time, there has been a huge call to yoga to provide some answers as to how to sit, stand and do work to provide focus – and a reduction in back pain. Firstly the position of your desk, having your desk facing something like a blank wall can lead to problems with productivity – facing a mirror or painting can cause the same problem.

Instead, you should attempt to face a window or at least the open room, this will help with focus as you are looking into an open space or at nature.

Posture is the next problem, a lot of us have to sit at a desk for a long period of time, especially when working from home – this can lead to hunched back problems and faster fatigue. The main interior design tip here is to get a comfy chair, a high back and a soft cushion that will give you some kind of back support and comfort, allowing you to continue for longer.

However a yoga inspired tip that will get rid of that back ache and fatigue is a standing desk, yoga calls upon changing position and freedom of movement. Therefore, a standing desk allows you to do this even when you are focusing on your work.

 However, making sure you have somewhere to sit is important too as standing all day might not work for everyone.

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