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Latest gardening ideas are a great source of inspiration for your modern garden, and every year people try and make the most of their garden in different ways. The size of your garden and what do you want from your garden will decide what sort of things you can do with it. If you have a small garden, it might not be practical to have a lot of plants, or a shed or a lawn, or a play area for the children.

You might agree to compromise with other members of the family, so that each family member can use the garden. You might be able to have your garden just the way you want it, possibly by scaling back some of your ideas, or not thinking on such a grand scale. You might just want to tidy your garden up, so that there’s somewhere to sit down outside during the summer. Children will often want to get involved, and they should be encouraged to help you in the garden.

Why not give them their own bit of garden or a couple of pots and some seeds, and see if they can grow something. By helping them with their own patch of garden, they will be able to see the differences between different sorts of plants, and understand the importance of looking after them.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try growing fruit and vegetables in your garden. With a bit of preparation, you will be well on your way to growing plants you can eat. How good will the tomatoes, raspberries, potatoes, strawberries and whatever else you decide to grow taste?

Perhaps you’ve decided that your garden needs a redesign, or a makeover. It could be that you’ve recently moved, or only just got round to sorting the garden out. There are many things you can do with your garden, so why not look for some gardening ideas whilst you are out and about.

Your garden may have to serve a particular purpose. You might have to have a lawn for the children to play on, or a path between the garage and the house. You will have to make sure that your garden ideas and plans don’t get too ambitious, and that you can still use your garden practically.

You may decide that your garden is going to be functional, rather than full of plants and water features. You might choose a children’s area with a slide and a sandpit, or a large patio and decking area for barbeques. You might just want to be able to get to the washing line, or the shed.

Not everyone wants to spend hours in the garden, and some people are not willing to put in the effort to have an amazing looking garden. Some people just want a functional garden, or somewhere for the children to play in safety, whilst others will fill every space with a plant plot.

No matter what sort of garden you have, what size it is, or what you want from it, there are some amazing gardening ideas that will help transform your garden into exactly the sort of garden you want. See the latest Gardening Ideas and much more in this section below.

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