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Home Improvement Write For Us Blog To Submit Guest Post – (Guidelines Included)

Are you looking for the best home improvement blog to write for us and submit guest post? Then you are in the right place. Here in this home improvement blog we accept all types of home improvement articles from the expert home improvement blog writers and home designers.

You can write for us with any one of the topics like home improvement ideas, home improvement trends, home decor, home renovation, DIY decor, home decoration, kitchen improvement tips, gardening, home security systems, packaging, construction, real estate, and moving tips etc.,

I suggest you read our guest post guidelines before you write for us for our home improvement blog and submit guest post article with us

Choosing The Right Home Improvement Write for Us Blog That Suits You

Choosing the right home improvement write for us blog is now very easy. Just follow the below guidelines to find our the high quality home improvement blog for your backlink purpose. Guest posts will help you in generating more relevant traffic for your business website, but if you choose the wrong guest post websites, then you won’t get benefits or any traffic. Therefore, you need to learn how to choose the right home improvement write for us blog that will bring traffic to your business website and generate leads.

home improvement write for us

The following are best ways that you can use in choosing the right home improvement write for us guest blog. These tips work and if you follow them correctly, you will choose home improvement blog that will bring more traffic to your website and leads. You will also build your reputation by the quality of content you submit to particular home improvement blog.

Quality Blog Content

When choosing your home improvement guest post blog, start by checking the quality of the content in the entire website. The content should be of high quality and each blog posts should be addressing a specific problem. These websites will help their visitors by giving them quality content.

home write for us

You want to guard your online reputation at all cost. If you provide content that are of low quality, then you will definitely ruin your reputation. You will lose more potential traffic, prospect leads and rebuilding your trust will be little hard.

The Same Home Improvement Niche

Choose only guests blog sites that are related to your home improvement niche. If your niche is “home improvement”, then you should choose the blogs which talks about only home improvement or sub categories like living room improvement, kitchen improvement, bedroom improvement or bathroom improvement.

Your backlink will benefit a lot when you do this, Search Engine will know that you have relevant reference and most of such links will help you to increase your website ranking.

Choosing a guest post on another niche or general niche (which accepts all categories like home improvement, business, technology, fashion, health) will affect your website ranking. Don’t ever pick this kind of general category website for your guest post approach.

The people who will visit to read any post in such website won’t stay for a long time because there won’t be any high relevancy. Not only uses but also Search Engines like Google etc., These kind of backlinks from general website will affect your search engine rankings.

High Quality Website is Must

When you approach for a guest post submission, ask the blogger to show you his or her blog’s Domain Authority, Domain Rating and Organic Traffic.

Visit the entire website and check if it has quality content or it is just a simple website. You want to know the site that you will get backlink from. If it has poor content, then your website’s quality also will get affected.

home improvement write for us

There are some websites which accepts guest post on their blog section and they don’t have any recent blogs. You will find some website which is full of affiliate links and ads. Avoid them completely if you want grow your website ranking by contributing in guest post.

The Content Length Be Should More Than 1000 Words

If you are writing content that has more than 1000 words, then the websites blog content should be of the same length or can be more than that but not less. Ask the blogger that you are only accepting content that has more than 1000 words. There are some home improvement blog owners who will ready to post article that has about 500 or 800 words only. Trust me, that is not good for both the parties.

Some people are not serious about the word count and if they accept content with any wordcount, you won’t get more benefit from that website. The post will not rank in the search engines; therefore, your blog’s page authority will start dropping. Check the length of content in that website before you approach them.

Choose Optimized Website

The home improvement write for us blog that you will choose should be fully optimized. Optimized blog content will rank highly in the search engines. Therefore, your blog’s page authority will increase as you can add more optimized content. You can ask the blogger how to optimize your guest post.

Serious home improvement bloggers will optimize their website blog content because they know the advantage of free organic traffic. If you find several home improvement bloggers who will optimize their content on daily basis, then you will benefit from the website in terms of links as well as traffic.

Therefore, these are the best ways that will help you in getting more benefits by choosing the right home improvement write for us guest blog. You should not rush to approach and get quick backlinks from random guest post websites. Take your time and look at the quality of the website. You should also check the relevant organic traffic to the website, to ensure that it meets your requirements.

By the way, do you want to know one best home improvement blog which meet all the above-mentioned criteria?

Then you are in the exact website, where you can get your guest post published on the same day.

For more information you can reach out to this email id: [email protected]

Why Should You Write for Us?

Here are the top three reason why you should write for us and submit guest post in our home improvement blog. Getting relevant baclinks, referal traffic to your main website and create connetion with other audience. Read below to know more why should you write for us.

The most important benefit of writing for us and submitting guest blog is that it can gain inbound links for you with ease, all of which are authoritative as well. You already found out this home improvement blog that is relevant to the home improvement niche you are targeting and have a good reputation among the people, meaning that we get a good audience.

If you get a chance to write for us and post on this home improvement blog, go for it but remember that it would take a day or two for us to publish your content.

Using the right keywords as the anchor text on your guest post can help you in getting a high quality backlink to your blog or website naturally that is not prohibited by Google Panda. You might not see that benefit quickly but in the long run the search engine traffic that you will gain this way is going to boost the viewership of your blog or website manifolds.

Referral Traffic

Another benefit of writing for us is that you attract the attention of the readers towards you. It is a great form of advertising for which you won’t have to worry about the relevancy. You would just have to write the post for us which is really interesting and engaging and if the readers like what you have to say they are definitely going to pay a visit to your website or blog for sure.

The traffic that you gain from our home improvement website is called referral traffic. It might not be very substantial in number but it can help in getting your blog popular among the readers and would increase your subscribers too.

A lesser known benefit of guest blogging with us is that it can help you in making connections with the big boys in the home improvement world. When you are starting your new website and beginning to make use of guest blogging by write for us and get it published, it is likely that you are able to write for us but the best is that you don’t have to do any SEO for this. That we will take care.

home improvement write for us

Start write for us and get the connection with other relevant blogs. Slowly as you go on writing guest posts for us, you will be able to attract the attention of existing audience which is currently more than 8K per month and get a chance to write for us for free in future. Try to write for us with single post now and you will soon see the fruits of your labors!

Top 10 Guidelines to Write For Us

1. Unique Article

Your article should be unique (which means you shouldn’t reuse the same content in multiple places) , well written and most importantly relevant to home improvement topics like home improvement ideas, home renovation ideas, kitchen improvement ideas, gardening improvement ideas, home interiors or exteriors etc. You can use tools like plagiarism checkers after you are done with writing for us.

2. Article Length

Article length should be 1000 words minimum and there is no maximum limit because Google search engine loves lengthy content. If you are not able to write for us with 1000 words, then you can reach out to us for help for article structure. We are happy to help you with primary keyword, LSI keywords, article structure etc.,

3. Writing Language

Article should be written in English language only and we don’t accept articles which are written in language other than english. We strongly believe, almost all internet users in the world are comfortable with the English language. If you want us to write for you, feel free to ask, we have a dedicated content writer to write the content for you (With little extra charges). For bulk order we don’t charge for article writing.

4. Article Structure

Your article write up should contain at-least one subheading. We suggest you break down the lengthy article into a small paragraph with a nice structure. Example: (Main Heading, Introduction, Subheading, Supporting paragraph, another subheading, Supporting paragraph, conclusion). Make sure you add the primary keyword throughout the article.

Backlink to adult or porn websites, restricted websites, will strictly not be allowed in the article. If we find any link which is inappropriate to this website, our editorial team shall remove the link immediately without any prior notification. You can add one or two relevant links to your website and can add one or two relevant internal links (Internal links means, you can take a relevant link from this website and insert it. So that the article looks natural.

6. Republish Article

Once your submitted content is published in this home improvement blog, you shouldn’t use the same article to publish in some other website blogs in future. Republishing the content will hurt both of our website rankings as well as authority. So make sure you submit the unique content with us.

7. Copyrights

Our editorial team has rights to add more paragraphs, images and videos in your article and relevant internal links (other relevant links from the same website). In return, your published guest post will get relevant internal links in future which help us to increase page authority for your link.

8. Article Title

Keep the title of your blog post short, crisp and to the point. Which means your blog post title should not exceed char limit of 100. Also make sure you add the primary keyword in the title along with positive or negative sentiment, power word and number. These are all the best qualities for SEO friendly article titles.

9. Author Bio

You can write and add a nice author bio at the end of the article with a max of 100 words (If required) and again link to irrelevant websites or blogs that shall not be entertained. You can add one link to your social media profile or personal blog, or company website.

10. Relevant Topics

Article should be related to home improvement ideas, home improvement tips, home renovation ideas, home decoration ideas, gardening improvement, kitchen improvement, security systems etc.,

home improvement write for us

Few Facts About IcyViolets Home Improvement Blog

Wordcount:1000 Words minimum
Link Attribute Type:Dofollow and Nofollow (If required)
Link Validity:Permanent
Link Types:Guest Post and Link Insertion
Turn Around Time:1 Day
Primary Categories:Home Improvement, Kitchen Improvement, Garden
Contact Email:[email protected]
Domain Authority:55 (As per Moz)
Domain Rating:35 (As per Ahrefs)
Organic Traffic:5.5K Per Month (As per Ahrefs and SEMRush)

Sample Posts and Blog Title Ideas to Write For Us

Who Can Write For Us?

Home Improvement Writers – If you are an expert home improvement freelance writer or digital marketing expert or SEO expert or blog outreach expert and good at writing home improvement related blogs, then you can definitely become a contributor here.

Outreach Experts – If you are a company or brand or outreach marketing expert looking for brand outreach then you can also write articles for us and we will do the publishing process. 

Home Improvement Bloggers – If you are a blogger from the same niche and if you are looking for collaboration, then this is the right place for you to submit the guest post.

SEO Experts – If you are a SEO expert for any home improvement business, then you can immediately start writing for us. You will get a backlink for your client website from very high domain authority website.

Top 5 Home Improvement Blog Writing Tips

If you are fine with the above mentioned guidelines and want to write for us, then read the below to check for some nice tips for home improvement article writing.

home improvement write for us writing tips

1. Convey the Right Message

If you want to promote your home improvement website, you should know how to write home improvement articles in such a way that they convey the message of your blog.

Thus, if you are blogging about home improvement, kitchen improvement, you should write about how to keep your home clean and how to keep your kitchen clean.

This can be done in two ways: Seriously, in which case you will make a fortune, or jokingly, in which case you will give your readers a laugh, and that will help to persuade them to return.

Not only that, but you will get a good comments thread going about how to make our kitchen looks clean and how to implement modern kitchen trends. We can also talk about what are the top modular kitchen design ideas for the year.

The secret is to write in such a fashion as to interest people, even if what you write sees silly. Monty Python got to be a world-wide phenomenon because of their silliness, and the same was true of Basil Fawlty, the Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy.

2. You Cannot Be Serious! – Can You?

If you can’t be silly, be serious. But then you have to be 100% accurate, because your home improvement readers will be serious people – some even look for faults in your writing; faults in either your grammar or your content.

Write authoritatively on the topic of your blog. If you don’t know that much then get your content online and change it to be uniquely yours.

The point is that you are offering useful and serious home improvement information that will provide the reader with some benefit: help them solve a home improvement problem or save them time in what they are currently working on.

3. Write For Us Better than Video

Keep in mind that you are now competing against audio and video. It’s no longer the old days when writing was the only online means of communication.

Consider what audio and video cannot provide, and then provide it. I suppose you want an example of what I am referring to?

OK. Take a simple example: you are offering statistics such as how much money your kitchen or home product save customers that purchase it. This has much more impact when presented in bold red letters, perhaps in italics and underlined, than just stated on a video or audio presentation.

Another one: you can write down instructions on how to keep your living room clean, website or even your product. Try reading these out and see how easy they are to follow. Or try showing them on video: sure, a video on how to set up a modern kitchen is easier to follow than written instructions, but you can explain how to set up a kitchen room using the written word than its spoken equivalent – on an MP3 or a video.

4. Write For Us From the Heart

Write naturally: write down what comes into your head as you write about a home improvement subject that you love, and that love will come through in your writing.

If you take time to think what you are writing, and struggle to get the grammar and spelling right while you write, your article writing will appear stilted and unnatural.

You can correct the grammar and spelling later, but let your writing flow from your heart while you write without the constraints of online article writing rules.

It’s a blog for goodness sake, not an essay you are writing, and most of your readers will be as good at English grammar as you are! Take that in any way you like to – it came from the heart!

5. Get The Thread?

Get a thread going. No, it’s not a forum, but you can get a thread, or even abuzz, going with a home improvement blog. Allow anybody to make comments freely, and you will get people visiting your guest blog just to take part.

Write the first part of thread by presenting a contentious argument, or even writing something completely outrageous (Barrack Obama is a Transvestite) – well perhaps not that – but something that will get people writing to you.

Why did Jerry Springer become so famous? Think about it.

Then learn how to write for us and how to write home improvement articles for publication, and send them to us with a link to your blog in the resource, or at the end of the article. That will get your blog known world-wide, and if your article writing is unique enough you will get masses of traffic trying to disagree with you – or agree!

Whatever, all you need do then is to make sure that you will benefit from our home improvement website. Either have your products on it, links to important pages or even make it a squeeze page for your website.

What to Write For Us?

You can write for us with any of the below topics. If below mentioned category is not suitable for what you are looking for, you can suggest one new. We will consider to add it for you but that has to be relevant to this blog.

Turn Around Time (TAT) for Publication?

Once you write for us and sumit the article, our internal editorial team will review the submitted guest article on the same day. And it will be published on the same day by the editorial team once we get the approval from the proof read team.

How to Submit Your Home Improvement Article?

Once you are done with writing the article for us with the above mentioned guidelines, you can directly send the write up to this email id [email protected] in text format or formatted html or in word doc file. We will revert you on the same day with the status of the submitted article.

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

    Q: How to write for us (For this home improvement blog)?

    A: Read the above home improvement article guidelines and start write for us and submit your guest post. We will review it and publish it as soon as possible.

    Q: How to submit guest post in home improvement blog?

    A: Mail me. Once you are done with the article with all the guidelines, you can send the content to our mentioned mail id ([email protected]).

    Q: How long it takes to publish the submitted article?

    A: Yes, it is gonna be 1 day. If your submitted article adhere our guidelines, our editor will publish the article on the same day. So turnaround time is 1 working day

    Q: How many links I can add while I write the article for you?

    A: You can add up to 2 links for your website or blog (external link) and minimum of one link which is back to our blog icyviolets.com

    Q: Published article link is permanent or temporary?

    A: Yes it is permanent. Once your article is published in our page, it is going to be permanent. We won’t remove it unless until you request us to delete it in future.

    Q: Can I use the same content which I published in my website?

    A: No, you can reuse the same content for guest post which you already published in your own website. We suggest to write unique article fo us.

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