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Shopping for new home appliances is rarely a fun experience. Unless you are remodeling a kitchen or have been planning the purchase of new kitchen or laundry appliances for some time, the need for a new refrigerator or washer probably came as something of a shock. Fortunately, if you are shopping for new appliances, understanding the following can make the experience a little less painful, if not enjoyable.

Everyone is always on the lookout for the best bargains on the market. As a result, people always go to the seller that sells items at very low prices, which is a result of the perception that buying low priced items can result in substantial savings for those who buy them. Although this is true for some items, it is not always the case because some items, which include appliances, going for the cheapest price may have the opposite effect and may cost the buyer even more money. This is because with items like appliances, which consume energy and are supposed to last for a long time, buying the more expensive appliances that save energy and are very durable can give the most value for a person?s money.

Plan a Budget

There is no way of getting around it. Buying new appliances for your home is going to cost money. While many people opt for used appliances to save some green, there is no guarantee that the appliance will last or what effect it will have on your utility bill. Whether you are replacing a worn range or remodeling your entire kitchen, planning a budget will keep you from going overboard when you make your appliance purchase.


One of the most important things to consider in buying appliances is durability. This is because when you buy appliances that are very durable, you can be assured that you will be able to use them for a very long time. This lets you avoid the added costs that you would incur if you had to have them repaired or replaced all the time. One way of ensuring the durability of your appliance is to start your search with some of the most trusted brands in appliances, which include General Electric, Electrolux, and Sony. These brands are known for making appliances that are of good quality and can last you a lifetime.

Energy efficiency

In addition to the savings you can get in buying really durable appliances, another source of savings is buying appliances that are very energy efficient. This is because appliances that are energy efficient allow you to save on your power consumption. One of the best ways to make sure that you are buying energy efficient appliances is to look for the “Energy Star” label on the appliances.

Having this label means that the energy consumption levels of these appliances is lower than the standards that are set by the government. This means that they can provide the same utility while using less energy. The good news is that nowadays, almost all appliances are designed to meet the criteria that are required to get an “Energy Star” label, which means more savings.

In buying appliances, cheaper does not mean better. This is because investing in the more expensive appliances can mean that you are investing in appliances that are not only very durable but are also energy efficient, which in the final analysis translates to more savings.

Does it Fit

One of the biggest mistakes shoppers make when choosing new kitchen and laundry appliances is picking a model that is either too large or too small for the space. Whether you are buying your new appliances online or from a local dealer it is important to take accurate measurements before making the purchase. This will save you the trouble and the cost of having to ship the appliance back to the store to get another model, or worse, construction costs to make the appliance fit.

Features Cost Money

Yes, features are nice. But when you’re shopping on a budget you need to ask yourself if that water and ice dispenser is an honest necessity. Every extra included on your new refrigerator or washer, whether it is a sliding ice bin or 19 program settings, will add on to the final cost of the appliance in question. Refer back to your budget and find an appliance that meets both your needs and the needs of your bank account.

Understand the Warranty

One factor that needs to be considered but is often overlooked when shopping for home appliances is the warranty. Before making your purchase as the retailer not only the length of the warranty and what is covered, but also what is not covered. Another thing to consider is if the retailer or manufacturer offer an extended warranty. The extra cost up front could far outweigh the potential future cost if something on the appliance fails after the initial warranty expires.

Understanding not only what is available but also what you can afford is the key to making your appliance shopping less stressful. This is especially true if your shopping because of an unexpected failure. Whatever the case, it is important to remember that everything breaks. Even the most reliable appliances. Stepping back, accessing your needs and separating them from those pesky wants can help you make a more informed decision.

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