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Home decorating, like many other fashionable trends, changes annually and seasonally, reflecting cultural influences, inspirational colors and new home accessories that are created with innovative designs, materials or techniques. Home decorating trends can vary by region, budget or attitude, but with the many choices to be made in changing the décor of your home, it can be a vast, but fun project for the New Year.

In 2021, home decorating is expected to continue its 2010 trend that reflects the current “green” movement that embraces repurposed or recycled items.

For instance, the use of recycled glass countertops over granite when redecorating a kitchen, creating a vase from an antique bottle, or refinishing an old table with paint in the latest colors is strongly suggested by top decorators and trend setters.

Depending on which designer is asked, 2021 colors vary from berries and pinks to black, rustic reds as well as turquoise and aqua. Color choices, especially pinks and berry colors once relegated solely to living rooms or bedrooms, are finding their way into kitchens and other areas not formerly associated with those hues. Outdoor color options for patio furniture or exterior decor will include schemes of bold and dramatic colors mixed together, including unusual hues of green or blue.

Style trends include art deco as well as the more minimalistic approach to decorating that reflect a simple, financially-friendly theme. This simplicity works well with the repurposing of items, helping to stretch the budget while adding new style and flair to current décor. On the other end of the decorating spectrum, people are also beginning to recover from the economic downturn and looking toward more luxurious décor and home accessories as a way to break free from the gloom of the recession. Nostalgic throwbacks to the 50s and 60s are also included in this year’s home decorating trends, and items like geometrically shaped clocks, mirrors, vases and wall art are expected to make a dazzling comeback throughout the year.

Another unique trend that is expected to be part of the 2021 home decorating styles is the decoration of ceilings. Decorators and designers have begun using this formerly blank canvas as yet another place to create definitive style, helping bring together the furniture, window treatments, accessories and details in a room with complimentary colors and designs. Ceiling murals, architectural accents like beams and creatively spaced crown moulding, popcorn textures in various colors or other ceiling enhancements are finding their way into the upward focus of decorators and designers alike.

In bedrooms and bathrooms, wallpaper is returning to the decorator’s eye, especially wallpaper with the same retro or art deco patterns seen in accessories, floor vases and wall art. Geometric patterns and lines in bold colors are quickly becoming favorites for those who wish their most personal spaces have a little more pizazz. These same designs and patterns are also finding their way onto household linens like towels, sheets, bed covers, quilts and comforters. Window treatments, rugs and carpets are also following the retro trends inspired by the 50s and 60s, and the reemergence of a shag carpet throw rug may become one of the easiest ways to keep up with this trend.

Whatever the personal style, budget or compulsion, re-decorating or adding new decorative items to a home can be an enjoyable experience, as well as chance to express inner chic. As decorating trends are subjective and prone to short-lived expiration dates, the best investments in home décor are accessories, colors, furniture and accents that reflect personality. 2021 promises to be an eclectic season of home décor trends, from the colors and designs on walls and ceilings to the tone and (re)purpose of items used to enhance a work or living space’s beauty and functionality.

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